Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Funday

The scales are behaving like they should, with a nice 200g drop since Friday. That puts me at 58.8. Not bad.

I can see in the mirror that I've dropped quite a bit of fluid since yesterday - it always shows very obviously around my waist. I was pretty sure that was going to happen, since I must have peed at least 50 times yesterday.... Now I just have to wait for the scales to catch up.


Training today was a short bike ride. I can't go very far unless I head out on the main road, and I'm way too nervous to do that on my own - those truck drivers are NUTS. Bike Boy had his own plans this morning - he got out his long-neglected MTB last night and did a bit of maintenance on it, so he could go bush-bashing down by the river. My bike definitely isn't suitable for that sort of terrain, so I was on my own.

Living in a new estate has its drawbacks - roads aren't completed yet, so I can really only ride around a few residential streets unless I'm feeling suicidal enough to venture out amongst the traffic. There is a nice longish loop that I like to do a few laps of though and I was only on my first when Bike Boy rode up beside me on his way back from his expedition. I discovered just how fast my bike is, because he couldn't keep up with me. It's definitely not my speed and strength that were responsible - he's a much stronger and more experienced cyclist than me. But my SUB road bike weighs next to nothing, and he was on his heavy, clunky old Avanti.

It was nice to be the one slowing to let him catch up for a change. I'm getting used to the bike too - on my final run home, I was confident enough to get down low on my drop bars, put my head down and really zoooom along. Fun!



I've set myself a personal challenge to avoid alcohol completely for four weeks. Today marks the end of week one....

I love a nice glass of wine - white or red, not fussy - but stopping at one can be tricky. And then there's the relaxed attitude that alcohol induces. Somehow, any food seems like a good idea. Not to mention the sluggishness the next day, and the continuing desire to eat lots of really crappy carbs. So, last night when Bike Boy suggested putting a bottle of something-or-other in the fridge to share later on, I only wavered for a second, then said a very emphatic NO.

A lovely glass of wine occasionally is fine. But if it's going to lead to poor food choices, missed workouts and feeling cranky with myself, then no thanks.


Today I'm trying out a recipe that Miss Shelley sent me a few weeks ago - it sounds delish. Fettucine with a creamy sauce, chock-full of chicken, bacon and fresh veggies. How could you not love that?


ss2306 said...

Hope you enjoy! More recipes coming via email shortly.

Kek said...

It was bloody divine - just had it for arvo tea and I have two more serves in the fridge. (I only did half the quantity and even then it only just fitted in the wok)

Can't wait to try some of those others. Yum.

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