Monday, February 23, 2009

That crazy woman at the park

Last night, I was undecided about training today. It didn't suit me to do a weights workout - I hate going to the gym on Mondays. The start of the week is a hard enough grind, without having to get up super-early, so I usually like to make Tuesday, when I don't have to go to the office, my first gym session for the week. So...cardio. Hmm. What to do?

After a bit of a think, I decided to do one of my 30-minute outdoor workouts, the ones I love to inflict on clients. So at 6:30, as it was getting light, I was over at the park for this little beauty:

Jog around the park to warm up

Bodyweight squat x 20
Half squat (lower half) x 10
Half squat (upper half) x 10
Full squat x 20
Squat & hold 15 seconds x 5

Jog around the park

Ab plank 60 seconds (Yeah, I only managed 45 - my abs are KILLING me!)
Mountain climbers x 30
Pushups x 12
Bicycle crunches x 20

Jog around the park

Step-ups x 15
Walking lunges x 20 each direction
Bodyweight squats x 15
X-band walks x 15 each direction

Jog around the park

There was supposed to be a set of ab exercises too, but I'm in agony, thanks to my little BOSU effort on Saturday, so I skipped it....

Walk home to cool down. ALL DONE!


I had a little scale rage episode this morning. I actually kicked them, picked them up and thumped them and called them F*CKERS!! It was a full-blown tantrum. But not because the number didn't please me.... the stupid things wouldn't even GIVE me a number. They're up to their old tricks again, just blinking stupidly at me and saying Lo....Lo....Lo.

Aargh! The batterries are so not low. I seriously have to replace that thing.

Eventually after banging and swearing and taking the batteries out and putting them back in, I got the bastard to work long enough to tell me that there's been no movement since yesterday. Oh well, better than an upward swing.


On the progress front, there's space in my bra that wasn't there a couple of days ago. *sigh* I'll take it.

Like I said yesterday, the scales will catch up eventually.


ss2306 said...

Great work Kerryn.

Wish I was a fly on the wall to see you chuck a fit. Bet it was a sight to see.

Have a great Monday

Charlotte Orr said...

I'm feeling much the same about the gym on Mondays. Hope the scales behave for you tomorrow - nothing like starting the day in a bad mood, LOL.

Kek said...

Ha! It was a good one, Shelley... I felt better anyway. :o)

Charlotte, that sucker has tormented me long enough - I'm buying a new set as soon as I get a second to go shopping!

Louise Wedgwood said...

That workout sounds like fun. I like to get outside and it's especially nice at the moment when it's no longer meltingly hot.

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