Saturday, February 21, 2009

Today is shaping up well....


Thanks to some breakfast reading, I've reduced my Google Reader unread blog posts to 110 (Geez, some of you girls write a LOT). Might even be all up to date by the end of the weekend.

I was up early to train a client, one who challenges me mentally every week to come up with something new. She's seriously restricted in what she can do, due to her disability, but MAN, her can-do attitude is awesome!

I'm waking up hungry again - it's been a while..... and it feels good to know that my body is getting back to normal.

It RAINED last night. The sound of water trickling through the downpipe outside our bedroom woke me up in the wee hours, and I was confused at first about what that strange noise was. LOL. Hopefully it was enough to top up our tank...

Blueberry pancakes with yoghurt and syrup has to be one of the best ways to start the day. So good in fact, that I had more for my morning snack. :p

DOMS is still hanging around, but it's hugely improved, so I'm off to the gym in a tick to train upper body and do some cardio. Two cups of strong coffee in me and I'm good to go!


ss2306 said...

Mmmmm pancakes!

I'm having them for dinner tonight topped with warmed cherries, melted chocolate and vanilla ice-cream. I'm drooling already!

Have a great day.

Magda said...

Hey Kek,

its great to have you back and thanks for stopping by and tackling my 23 posts (LOL!!) I'm sorry to hear that you went through a bit of a bad time but I hope that things are good for you from here on.

:-) Magda

SeLiNa said...

Ok, Now i'm playing catch up on all the blog posts - you know you had 32 - you can write girl!! And I LOVE IT!!!!
I need to kidnap you to make my food all day every day for me.

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