Sunday, February 15, 2009

You really CAN help

It's pretty hard to think about anything but the bushfires at the moment. especially when you're choking in thick smoke, and the moon is red.... THAT was weird!

I've been trying to find the best ways to help, and thought that others might be in the same position. So here are just a few links I've come across where you might find something you can do, or a specific need that touches your heart.

Our community has a fantastic list of links to all kinds of organisations who are collecting funds or goods, or co-ordinating volunteers. Just for one simple idea, if you have a spare phone charger lying around, pack it up and send it to Telstra Countrywide at Locked Bag 4670, Melbourne, 3001. Include a note saying is being donated to the bushfire appeal. People who've lost their homes, but have their phone with them are going to find it pretty useless once the battery runs down.

The good old Red Cross are collecting donations, of course. They're also putting out regular calls for specific items or skills that are urgently needed, so keep an eye on the daily newspapers and stay tuned to the TV/radio.

And I came across this one today ....quite a few kindergartens have been destroyed in the fires. Councils usually own the property and I'm sure the buildings will be replaced by insurance, and council grants might cover some furniture etc. But all the extras - equipment, kitchen items, craft materials, toys etc - those will take a massive effort to replace. So Kindergarten Parents Victoria (KPV) have launched an appeal. You can donate here (and it's tax deductible). Or you can help affected families pay their fees by donating here.

Become a blood donor - the blood bank is flooded with applications and donors at the moment, but they're going to need ongoing supplies of blood products for burns patients. So sign up via the website and they'll contact you to arrange an appointment time when they need you.

See what's going on in your neighbourhood - check your local paper and noticeboards at the shopping centre or community centre for fundraisers that you can attend or help with. Our local cricket club held a fundraiser last night and I was able to donate some personal training sessions for them to auction or raffle. Maybe you have some skills, services or goods that aren't suitable for giving direct to the bushfire survivors, but that you can donate to a fundraising effort?

And here's just one simple idea; organise a fundraising morning tea at your workplace, club or other organisation. Have people bring a plate and then request a gold coin donation from everyone who partakes.

By the way, if you shopped at Coles yesterday, you can be happy that the day's profits totalled over $4.8M and that was all donated to the bushfire relief fund. I'm sure there are still other businesses doing similar things over the next few weeks, so keep an eye out.

There. I told you there was something you can do. :o)

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Unknown said...

Thanks Kerryn- that's great. Some really good ideas and sites. Hasn't it been amazing how people have rallied around at this time and how everyone has been affected by the impact of the fires.

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