Thursday, March 05, 2009

Across the line

I usually have a client Thursdays at 7:00, but she rang me yesterday and swapped this week's session to Saturday. Cool, thinks I. A night off!

Then I had a very cranky day today. Lots of little things pissed me off. I was also having little pinpricks of guilt over skipping cardio this morning. So how do you resolve mega-crankiness plus feeling like a slackarse? Easy. I left work early, came home and made two-minute noodles for The Baby (shush!), got changed and headed out to do my sister-in-law's RPM class at 6:00pm.

Feel muuuch better now. I may have got off to a slow start, but I made it in the end.


I also made the discovery that doing sprints with insufficient oxygen doesn't work all that well. Must remember my Ventolin next time...



Anonymous said...

Don't call yourself names Kek, I have discovered that there is a long ass line of people who are willing to do that for us babes.

You are awesome to be in the gym doing sprints at all. You rock!!

Kek said...

Yeah, yeah. But weeks of bushfire smoke + asthma + badass cardio session = you-really-should-remember-your-DRUGS!

Thanks, anyways. :o)

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