Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Training was not bad. Although I was obviously still half-asleep, because:

a) I walked into the gym at 8:30, all yawning and bleary-eyed, and the guy at the front desk commented that I must need more coffee (now, there's a good idea...); and

b) I set up a barbell in the rack for my bent over rows and went off to do my first set of bench presses (supersetting, ya know). I was halfway through set #2 when my brain came to life and began to wonder why I was doing a leg exercise on upper body day. And I realised I was doing Romanian deadlifts instead of rows. D'oh! Pay attention!

Anyway, apart from that, it all went OK. I only did 10 minutes of incline walking after my weights workout because my rebellious inner sloth was trying to talk me out of cardio altogether. When I'm tired and crabby, my resistance is low and I know that if I try to do something super-high-intensity, I'll crack the sads and just quit after a few minutes. So I'm taking the sneaky approach....A little bit here, a little bit there and before you know it, you've done 30 or 40 minutes of some kind of cardio, which is way better than 5 minutes of a grumpy half-arsed effort. I'll squeeze some more walking in later, and maybe even get on the bike for a set of Aero Base Builder.

As for the scales and the bloating and the whole hideous PMS thing, I have a plan. I'm going to do at least a few days of strict Precision Nutrition. Well, as strict as I ever get anyway. I love my starch, and my body usually loves it too. I know from past experience that I simply can't cope on prolonged periods of low-starch eating, without ending up all carb-depleted. But I should be able to handle it for the rest of the week. So it'll be oats for brekky, then all my carbs have to come from veggies, fruit and dairy. I reserve the right to add a potato to my dinner if I so desire though.

The idea is that some of the fluid I'm holding will disappear, and FAST. That'll make me feel better. And if I feel better, I train better. If I'm training better, I eat better. Then I feel better, and on it goes. Good thing I understand my own not-so-complicated psychology. :o)

In honour of that decision, I just made a batch of fruity pancakes.


On the whole PMS thing - I've had disgusting oily skin the past two days, and a lovely big pimple is brewing on the side of my nose. The positive side of that is that for several months my skin was dry, scaley and I kept having eruptions of eczema. Upping the fat in my meals, and remembering to take my fish oil, plus adding some evening primrose oil, has turned that around.

Sure, I get the overactive oily thing happening every few weeks, but at least that tells me that my hormones are behaving normally once again. That's a relief.

The stye in my left eye that I've woken up with this morning though? That, I can't explain.

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Unknown said...

Wait a few years and then this will all be over! One of the benefits of getting older.

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