Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bad Influence

Weight: No change at 58.4.

That's OK, considering I made myself a 700-Calorie BBQ chicken pizza for dinner last night. Yum!

Training: I'm tossing up whether to push training back to tomorrow. I'm going to get to the gym extra-late (got clients this morning) and I'm sure all the meat-heads will be hogging the lat pull-down machines and bench press stations, so supersetting is likely to be tricky. Sunday mornings are always quiet....

I'll be getting a walk in this morning with a client, so that's a bonus. It won't be a spanking pace, but we're tackling a big hill.

Nutrition: We have friends coming for dinner tonight, so oysters and Atlantic salmon fresh from the Vic Market are on the menu. That's no drama - I can handle a gourmet dinner. But I will be making some kind of dessert, and my self-imposed four-week prohibition period is ending a day early so that I can enjoy a nice glass of wine. Or two.

Watch this space....


ss2306 said...

Where's the recipe for that one? I bet she was a beauty!

Just a word of warning. Careful with the wine - you know what it does to us alcho's.

Kathryn said...

So that's the secret to supersets - getting to the gym early. I always wondered why programs didn't include "wait 2 minutes for dude on machine to finish grunting with his mate".

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