Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cheese and marshmallows? Together?

This morning, I had the pleasure of hanging out with Marshmallow, of Do you have an extra-large in this? fame. She's having a short and relaxing holiday here in Melbourne, and willingly got up early to make the trek from her hotel all the way out to the far-flung outer suburbs - where we may not have beaches, nightclubs, trendy bars and cafes, but we have our own (peculiar) way of entertaining overseas visitors.

I met her at the railway station and we headed off on our first mission: a spot of roo-spotting. It was no challenge at all today. Only two or three kms from the station, we found two roos in a bit of parkland between two schools, then three more around the corner in someone's front yard, and a couple more on some undeveloped land nearby. We didn't bother getting out the cameras though, because I knew where there were plenty more....

Our main destination was the parkland near home, where I parked the car and we set off on foot to visit the local kangaroos. There were maybe fifty or so today, just hanging about.

I hope I didn't freak Marshy out too much when I casually mentioned that it was probably a bit cool at this time of year to be worrying about snakes....

Next on the itinerary was a quick tour of the house and then it was down to the serious business: food. First we headed off for brunch at my favourite nursery-cafe. It was close call between the pancakes, the French toast and the 17 egg dishes, but eggs won the toss for both of us.

Waiting patiently for her eggs (and trying not to melt in the blazing sun)

Then a short drive north to a local orchard, where nothing much appealed. The berries are finished, the drought hasn't done their plums any favours, and while 5kg of apples were selling for a bargain price, I don't really need that many.

So, we continued on to the fabulous Donnybrook Farmhouse, where we tasted more cheese than you can poke a stick at - all of it good, too. I came home with some brie, some chilli pecorino, a generous wedge of Maasdam (a mellow Swiss-style), two tubs of my favourite ricotta, their wonderful fresh cream and a kilo of yoghurt. And a loaf of Turkish bread. I was tempted by the goat's cheese and the washed rind harvarti too, but we're going to have our work cut out getting through that lot. Bike Boy is going to have to help me. ;o)

Last on the agenda before heading back to the station was a stop at Baskin Robbins for a single scoop of lovely ice cream. I waved her bye-bye at the station, and I believe she was planning to stop by Haigh's on her way back to her hotel. As you would....

I love spending time with bloggers who appreciate good food. And who don't find anything odd about doing a tour of the fruit and veg shop. I mean, who doesn't find dates, berries, mushrooms and broccoli fascinating?


Shauna said...

DUDE! Can't believe I missed Marshy by one week.

Looks like good times indeed :)

Kek said...

I know, DG. Said the same thing myself... bad timing.

Unknown said...

Can you imagine what TROUBLE we would've gotten up to if all three of us were in the Donnybrook Farmhouse - oh MAN, cheese tasting would've gone to a whoooooole other level!

Thank you for showing me such an awesome time, Kek! I loved hanging out with you, you should've seen The Protea's jealousy when I came back to the hotel all aglee and my arms laden with cheesy goodness ;-)

Kek said...

Heehee ....Dietgirl, Marshmallow and Kek surrounded by cheese.

Could be dangerous.

You're very, very welcome, Marshy - honestly, the pleasure was all mine.


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