Monday, March 30, 2009

The Eighth Dwarf

That's me today, the little-known eighth dwarf: Shitty.

I've had four pretty major nosebleeds in the past three days, and as a result slept very badly last night. When I can't breathe through my clogged-up nose - which I can't blow for fear of starting another bleed - I just don't sleep well.

On top of that (because of that?) nutrition was completely off yesterday, which of course resulted in the usual puffer-fish-syndrome this morning.

Add to that a big dose of Mondayitis and it was not a great way to start my day.

Thanks to our well-stocked fridge, I survived, but all I can say is: Bring on tomorrow!


I may not have Snow White's sunny disposition, but as
Linda pointed out in her comment, the weather really HAS been awesome. I haven't been sitting around bitching and moaning all weekend, I've been outdoors taking advantage of it.

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Unknown said...

There are some days when the best thing to do is wait for night time and start again the next day! Hope you are feeling more like yourself tomorrow. At least the weather has been just awesome and that's got to make you feel good!

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