Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Full steam ahead

Got a bit distracted yesterday by the nutty weather and my hilarious youngest son (that child is a) smart and b) really, really funny. I asked Bike Boy last night if he thinks The Baby will grow up to use his powers for good or evil....?).

Anyway, back to training, nutrition and all that stuff....

Weight: Hmm. I think Liz's wrong way dickhead leprechaun paid me a visit too - my weight jumped another 500g Monday morning. Wait...was it Tuesday? I get my days all mixed up sometimes. Today, that invisible bugger is still standing on my scales. 59.3 is NOT exactly where I planned to be. BUT....I feel good and I'm doing all the right stuff, so no need to panic yet. Besides, I was looking HOT at the gym this morning. :o)

Training: I backed the weight off for yesterday's leg workout. I figured that Saturday's lower back pain had something to do with my training on Friday. I noticed that my right knee was doing this funky kind of inward wobble thing on the concentric phase of my squats - no doubt due to my leg length discrepancy or something related. So I figured I'd go back to squatting just the bar and really watch my technique.

I don't have any serious DOMS today, just a twinge in my glutes, but at least I'm not crippled either.

Today was upper body and it was.....OK. I'm a bit tired and PMS is still on the scene, so maybe that's the reason. Anyway, I figure every single workout can't be a total badass experience. You gotta have some so-so sessions, and even the odd one that really sucks. Then you have no trouble recognising the ones where you're on fire, Baby!

That's my theory anyway.

Nutrition: No dramas there. I'm eating well and loving my food. I'm thinking of reducing starch for a few days and upping the veggie quota to get my carbs in. I'll see what the scales do over the next day or so before I change anything. I won't be cutting out my breakfast oats though - no way, no how.

Mindset: I'm doing a bit of visualisation and it's helping me stay focused. You gotta know where you're going if you want to have any hope of getting there.....

Ah, Wednesday....the end of the week is in sight!

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Em said...

Sounds like training is coming along.
I hope that you sort out your squats, they were never a problem with me i just cant seem to do lunges right just cant get the hang of them.

Hope the rest of your week flies by hun :)


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