Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Get up offa that thing

I'm using song lyrics and titles for this week's training/progress post headings. Just for fun.

Training: Upper bod today....using supersets, just like legs yesterday. Hard. Fast. I like.

My biceps still had residual DOMS from Sunday's effort. ?????? Ah well, no wimping out allowed - just drop the weight back a bit and go for it.

Cardio will not be happening today (no time), but a walk is on the cards tonight.

Weight: Up another 100g to 58.4. Hmm. So what? I'm feeling lean and mean.

Oh My God moment: Getting up just after 5:30am so I could fit in my prehab stuff before I headed out the door. *sigh* No matter how long I've been doing early starts, I still hate 'em.

Yeah, baby! moment: Turning to pick up a weight and seeing the light hit my chest in juuuust the right way to show my pecs. No flexing required. Huh. Who needs boobs anyway?


Carolyn said...

I agree Kek, boobs are overrated. They only get in the way.
Don't know if my hubster would necessarily agree with me, but .....oh well!
Carolyn xx

Kek said...

Our husbands can sympathise together, Carolyn...

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