Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Getting my freak on

Weight: 58.4 Down 1.0kg. Ah, sanity returns.

Training: Legs. I hit 'em hard this morning. I added some extra weight to my squats and RDLs, and after warming up my creaky joints in my first set, squatted below parallel on every rep.

Nutrition: The past two days I took my Calories back to 1500-ish, and went all straight-up PN-style with my food. Note the fluid drop overnight.....

Mindset: Today's post title is in honour of the late inspirational BFL champ Julie Whitt, who was fond of the expression. My inner sloth briefly surfaced at the gym this morning and tried to convince me that I should skip my final superset of squats/RDLs. My legs were all shaky and tired and time was marching on....

Luckily Julie's face popped into my mind, and I felt rightly ashamed of myself. After all, if she could drag an oxygen tank around while she got her workout done, then I could do one more set. Perspective is a good thing.

If you don't know Julie's story, you need to see this. She may not have had an amazing physique, but her spirit was legendary, and still lives on.


Yesterday I noticed the huge bunch of spinach in the fridge was looking a little past its best, so a yummy batch of chicken sagwaala was whipped up for dinner. It may not be Irish, but it's green...I'm sure St Paddy would approve.


Turns out my cruddy mood yesterday had more to it then I thought. Seems I had some weird kind of infection thingy going on..... in my face. What seemed to be the beginning of a stye in my left eye soon extended to a sore scalp on that side, and then travelled down my nose and cheek until the whole left side of my head hurt.

THEN, around lunchtime, I began to feel like I had a really nasty cold - only without the snot and cough. You know, just that my head doesn't feel good kind of effect. Add in swollen neck glands and I was feeling oh-so-crappy by dinner time.

This morning, apart from a slightly sore eye, I'm OK. *shrugs* Onwards.....


Unknown said...

glad you are feeling more like yourself this morning kerryn, Some days you feel as though it would be better to have stayed in bed! lol

Unknown said...

GAH to infected face O_O I hope that buggers off promptly!

little rene said...

Aww crap that freakin' video was SO sad. Now I am sitting here bawling! What an inspirational woman!

Kek said...

Rene, I've seen the video at least a billion times and I still cry every time. I was never lucky enough to meet Julie, but she gave me so much inspiration during the months after she was awarded her BFL champion's title. And even now she's gone, she's still inspiring people.

I don't think she even knew the word can't.

Anonymous said...

kek what a great link thanks.

people like julie are the reason i gave up smoking in 2001.

i have perfect health, perfect lungs and i still want to kick my own ass for being so ungrateful.


Kek said...

Kitty, yup, Julie has that effect on people.

How awesome to be raising emotions like these in total strangers three years after your death...

Hmm, think I'll post a bit more about Julie, for the folks who don't know much about here.

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