Friday, March 13, 2009

Gimme some lovin'

Weight: Up 100g to 58.4. No lovin' here today....

Training: Haven't done it yet - today's FRIDAY (hooray!), so I get to take the kids to school, then head to the gym. Legs are on the menu today.

The expected DOMS from yesterday's cardio didn't eventuate, just a little teensy bit of soreness that's barely noticeable - which I'm fine with. So no excuses, I'm going for it!

Other stuff: Woke up STARVING this morning. I was attempting to stay in bed till 7:00, but the hunger drove me into the kitchen around 6:20. Oh well, that still beats a 5:30 start. I always think that waking up with gnawing hunger pangs is a good sign that my metabolism is chugging along nicely. Or maybe it's just that I'm a pig. Meh. Whatever.

My experiment with higher calories is looking like a bit of a bust. Weight is hovering around the same numbers - hmm, smells like maintenance to me. I'll persevere till the end of the week (Sunday) and analyse things then. If I have to go back to 1500 Calories to ditch this last kilogram, so be it. It's not exactly starvation rations.

I've been doing some thinking and have come to the conclusion that comparing yourself to others is a bad thing - well, we all know that when it comes to physique, but it applies to calories as well. Each of us is unique and can't expect to eat the same amount of food as someone else and get the same results. I'm insanely jealous of girls who can stuff down 2500 Calories a day and maintain their weight. But I have to remind myself that I'm a compact little thang, so I'm not likely to have the same fuel needs as somebody 6 inches taller and 6-7kg heavier. Dammit.

There's also the fact that I spend a lot of my time sitting on my arse. For a personal trainer, I'm not actually all that active. I sit in an office three days a week, and even when I am PT-ing, a lot of my work is with online clients, so once again - sitting on my arse. Training one-on-one clients isn't exactly a workout for me most of the time either. I have my own training agenda, so I'm not about to do several other people's workouts with them. I'll do a set or two with a client, or jog a lap of the park, but I'm not nutty enough to run through each of those sessions in it's entirety - after all, it's their workout, not mine.

If I was a group fitness instructor (Eek! An unco's worst nightmare....), and was doing 3 classes a day on top of my own training, then maybe I'd have a need for an extra 200-500 Cals. Not so though....

I won't be disappointed if my experiment fails; it's all just fact gathering. I've been reminding myself that on the Calorie front, I've come a long way. Back in 2003, even though I was a heifer at 85kg or so, and was shocking my body with unaccustomed exercise, I'd really wound my poor old metabolism down to snail's pace, thanks to years of yo-yo dieting and being completely sedentary. My muscle mass was minimal (sometimes I wonder how I even stayed upright....). I had to diet HARD to shift the fat. I've done some rough calculations, and I was existing on a stingy 1100 Calories a day. Yikes!

1500 for weight loss suddenly sounds pretty attractive.

Be back with a training report later....


Fifi said...

Well Kek I AM a heifer at 80 odd kilos and so glad you reminded me that you were at one stage. Anything is possible :)

Cherub said...

Look on the bright side - think of the money you can save by not consuming an extra 1000 cals a day.

say 10 apples at $1 each - $10 a day.

That would entertain me at the shops for a while at the end of the month.

Kathryn said...

I think waking up hungry is a sign that I'm not overeating at night - it's a bad thing if you wake up feeling stuffed to the gills!

Actually one of the worst things about being on track is that between the belly and bladder I never get a sleep in!

Kek said...

LOL - Frankie, I hope you didn't take offense. I mean, it's all about how we view OURSELVES - I don't judge other people. Unless they ask me to. :p

Claire, nice take on things. Hmm, $40 a month to splurge or save...

Kathryn, I agree - If I've overeaten, I don't usually wake up hungry. And sleeping in past full bladder o'clock is pretty impossible for me too. *sigh*

Fifi said...

Kek no...didn't offend at all!LOL! and it's really inspiring for me to see someone who's been there and done that, otherwise I'd just give up.


Trixie said...

Once again can relate to this post. I had years of yo yo dieting..needless to say had hardly any muscle definition..anyhow now maintenance is about 1600-1700 for me. Seems low for a 28 year..but like you,I'm not really that active (other then my weekly work outs). I have an office job and sit on my but a lot. So,when I hear women eating 2200 for maintenance I'm amazed!It has taken me a while to except that I'm me..not anyone else. Each of our bodies are unique.

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