Friday, March 13, 2009

Go baby, go, go!

Legs. Leeeeeeeggggggsssss. I love training legs. Today, as I may have told a few people already, I was out to give them a good shellacking.

So, supersets again. OK, great. I just have one question: What kind of evil, sadistic torturer would devise a program that has you doing a three-minute plank at the end of your leg training session. A leg session that - did I mention? WAS ALL SUPERSETS????

I can handle a three minute plank, sure. But when my legs are already TOAST, it adds an extra degree of difficulty. Abs? No drama. Quads? Those started to shake and quiver at the 45-second mark. I hung on grimly though, muttering out loud, You can do it! At the two-minute mark, I knew I was going to make it. By then, my calves, glutes and arms were also shaking. Pfft. Only a minute to go.

After lying face-down on the floor for several minutes, wondering if my legs were actually paralysed, I then had to face the stairs to the cardio area. *sob* Why STAIRS???

I'd remembered my runners, since I planned to do a nice easy steady-state jog for 20 minutes for today's cardio. But of course, all the treadmills were taken. And all the ellipticals. I briefly considered the stepmill, but only for a nano-second. All that was left were bikes. I have a bike at home - I wanted to do something different. My inner two-year-old was already beginning to pout and stamp her foot.

But I figured I could jump on a spin bike and just pedal with light resistance for a while, to let my poor legs recover a bit, then grab whatever machine became vacant first. Oh, great - it's the elliptical.

That was it - all thoughts of a steady state workout went out the window. 20 minutes of steady state on an elliptical? I'd rather do my tax return. So, again, I came up with something on the spur of the moment:

Bike, easy pedalling 3 minutes (sheer relief!)
Elliptical 3 minutes, keeping RPM to around 70. Don't want my legs to give out. Yet.
Jump off and do 20 fast body weight squats, making sure to break parallel.
Switch to walking lunges x 20. Ouch.
Back on the elliptical for 3 minutes. Heart rate is tipping 170, drop RPM to 65 and let it recover a bit.
Jump off and do 10 push ups, then 12 pop squats (I was planning on 20 pop squats, but my legs had other ideas)
Back on the elliptical for 3 minutes, still keeping RPM at 65-ish.
Jump off and do 10 jump squats. Ouch. OUCH!
Crank out a set of Russian twists - don't bother about a weight, get feet off the floor, and just do 15 reps.
Hooray! A treadmill is free! Set the incline to 4 and walk for 10 minutes.

Total time: 24 minutes
Max HR: 174
Ave HR: 142

Not exactly an "easy" steady-state workout, but at least the boredom factor was zero.


Apart from one runner, every single person occupying a machine this morning was plodding along, not even raising a sweat. OK, maybe they all did a killer workout yesterday. Or maybe they're just afraid to push themselves a little.

The guy on the elliptical next to me (who STANK, by the way - Buddy, ever heard of deodorant??? *gags*) was practically stationary, at under 30 RPM. And sure he was a big guy, he's probably unfit and not yet capable of a speed-of-light workout, BUT he wasn't even puffing a little. And halfway through he answered his freaking PHONE and had a 10-minute conversation while his RPM dropped to around 15.....

Apart from providing entertainment value (bet my workout was far more interesting than anything Kerri-Anne was blabbing on about on the gym TVs), I hope that maybe I've inspired one of the plodders to step a little way out of their comfort zone.

Probably not though.


Carolyn said...

HA HA!! That would LIZ the evil!!!
I did that 3 minute thing yesterday, and yep, gotta love the leg supersets. I can't believe you did cardio straight after - at least I had a break and went back later....
Have you done Day 4 chest and back supersets? I nearly was off with the pixies with that one today.....
I'm trying out the choc raspberry delight tomorrow - all planned in!!! YUMMM!!!

Kek said...

Day 4 is tomorrow *gulp* Although after a morning of back-to-back clients, I may push it back to Sunday and just go home for a well-earned rest.

I'd rather get all my training out of the way early. If I leave cardio till the evening, it usually doesn't happen. I am the great procrastinator.

See? Procrastinating now, when I should be doing housework!

Em said...

Sounds like a smashing workout was had :)

I have to admit I hate going to the gym and seeing all the machines taken up by people that arent rerally working out, I go to the gym for the extra push to really smassh it hard!
The other day there were people reading books and magazines and my gym is tiny so I was furious and have to admit my inner 2 year old did more than just stam her foot and pout lol
But my strength session was pumping turned that negative energy into a kick ass stregth seesion :)
Hope you have a lovely weekend hun :)

Raechelle said...

LOL on the guy without deoderant....I'm sorry, what year is this? Wasn't that invented like a long time ago? Sheesh! and WTF with talking on your mobile on cardio equipment?!
I hear ya sis! Brilliant workout though-I'm feeling your pain!

emharvie said...

Every gym has at least one token guy without deodorant. Ours is there every Saturday morning wearing cut off denim shorts and a singlet eeeeewwwww (something to look forward to tomorrow!)

Kek said...

Em, if I spot that guy again, I think maybe I'll change my plans to a run outdoors....


Got one bathroom cleaned now. *sigh* Back to it.

Kelly-anne Kenny said...

LOL... god i love your blog. It is so nice to know that it is not just us newbies to the gym scene who feel it afterwards!!! It makes DOMS just that little bit easier to take. I've added your blog to mine if that's ok. Thanks again for the awesome inspiration. I look forward to tomorrows installment!!!!!

Kek said...

Hi Kelly-Anne, nice to meet you. Of course it's OK to link to my blog, go right ahead...

Kathryn said...

Arrgghh ppl being half-arsed on the treadmill. Seriously, if you want to read a mag, talk on your phone etc go somewhere else and do it.

When you're doing the interval stuff like squats, how do you reserve your machine? Do you leave your towel on it or something... cos I reckon the best workout some ppl get is racing to get your machine the minute you step off it!

Kek said...

Kathryn, I leave my towel and water bottle on the machine, and I always try to pick a machine at the end of a row, so I'm able to stay close.

Then I just put on my scary face and nobody's EVER tried to cut in.


ss2306 said...

Just read Liz' blog and wanted to say my address is:

(hehehe) and I like milk not dark!

Been reading all week and loving that "you're back" and firing on all cylinders.

I'm up late cause I can't sleep cause I'm so friggin' hungry tonight but just had some oats and powder which will hopefully put me to sleep and tide me over till tomorrow.

Keep up the great. I'm lovin' reading.

Unknown said...

I wonder if these people complain that they aren't getting the results they want. You gotta sweat people!!! (unless, of course, you aren't wearing deodorant)

Cherub said...

lol - you probably scared them. They will be asking reception when you usually train so that they can avoid watching somebody doing something beneficial.

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