Saturday, March 21, 2009

I'm not here for your entertainment

Weight: 58.2 Up 300g.

Yep, that'll be last night's two scoops of caramel swirl ice cream with smooshed-up Violet Crumble on top. *Flexes and admires carbed-up muscles*

Training: Legs. I threw in a change today, just because. I did my RDLs and one-legged glute bridging, and moved over to the squat rack - where, OF COURSE, some meat-head had left the bar loaded with dozens of 20-kg plates. *sigh*

As I was unloading plates so I could reposition the bar, my rebellious brain decided that squats were off the menu today. I felt the need to get all grunty with some deadlifts, just as a one-off. Yeah. As it must be all of six months since I last did deadlifts, I was a bit cautious about weight, but I was pretty happy with a warm-up set, then two sets of six reps @ 60kg. It was hard, but I seriously didn't expect to be able to lift that much. 60-65kg was about my limit last year and I'm way out of practice.

My legs are feeling it now and I'm expecting some pretty serious DOMS tomorrow. Back to normal from next workout - sometimes you just feel like a change. :o)

Nutrition: Last night I played my treat meal card, just felt like a completely decadent indulgence. I kept it fairly small though, and only went 200 Cals over my usual, with carbs still coming in at around 40%.

Today, however, I have some mind games going on. My Inner Fat Girl is being very persuasive, telling me I need more carbs: toast, bbq shapes, ice cream, whatever. I've caved a little, but can still pull things back on track without any real drama. No binges, just a few nibbles....

I suspect sleep deprivation is partly responsible for my increased appetite. I've had disturbed nights all week, due to one thing and another - last night's interruption was a nosebleed at 4:30am. That allowed me only fitful sleep till the alarm went off at 6:00. Gah!

It could also be a sign that I need to up the starch for a day. Forgot about that. Hmm. Perhaps a bowl of oats and whey is the answer, rather than picking at this and that.

Then again, maybe I'm just being a greedy-guts. :p

We have fish planned for dinner tonight - I think it needs to be something special, to avoid the deprivation mindset taking over. Bike Boy has been scouring recipe books, so I'm sure he'll come up with something that's perfect.

I'm taking myself out for the afternoon - away from the pantry!


Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Kek, do you notice you're having more nosebleeds now that you've added your fish oils back in? I had more than usual recently for a few days and had a nosebleed. I know fish oil can thin the blood, so something to consider if you don't already know the cause. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Raechelle said...

I think I missed something...what's the "RDL's"? I'm sure it will be stunningly obvious when you tell me-LOL!
And what is with people leaving plates on the rack-RUDE!
Hope you've smacked down that bitch....ummm "inner fat girl" I mean! ;-)

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