Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Legs and boobs

I have legs on my training schedule for today. I thought that after yesterday's crazy cardio I'd be struggling to walk, so I was all prepared to play switcharoo with my plans, but....nope. I do have a bit of DOMS right through my legs, mostly in my hip flexors, but not enough to stop me from training.

So, legs it is! I might go easy on cardio today though, perhaps just a walk. I'll see how I feel.

Weight's up 300g today: 58.1

I've been experimenting with higher calories the past week and a half, and seem to be successfully dropping fat on more food - you've gotta love that! I averaged 1650 Calories a day last week, much more fun than a skimpy 1500. I'm keeping a close eye on things though, and will shave a bit off if weight starts to consistently head in the wrong direction.

The mirror and my clothes are giving me positive feedback. I'm definitely leaner - to the point where I'm going to have to downsize my bras again. *sigh* I know that's always a good sign of fat loss with me, but why does it have to go from there? It's not the size that I have issues with, I couldn't care less about that. It's the loss of shape. And stay-uppiness (that is so a word....)

Oh well, if that's my biggest (smallest?) problem, I'm not doing so badly.


Andrea said...

I agree, mine always goes from there as well. But this time I'm actually looking forward to it going from there once they have stopped serving their purpose of child feeding!

Anonymous said...

chicken tits! no, i'm not calling you names! it's a suggestion.

when i used to starve myself into oblivion my boobage was the ruined kek. chicken. tits.

they work.

i've got a quote for a new rack actuamlly - $12.5K. next time you see your girls and think they look bit 'whatever', imagine what you could do with $12.5K and suddenly you'll like them more.

worked for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

KatieP said...

Right there with you babe in the boob department.

When I had large breasts I dreamt of going without a bra, but now I have small breasts I have to still wear a (padded) bra or it looks like I've got nothing at all!

Kek said...

Yikes! $12.5K? *goes looking for the chicken fillets*

I know they're here somewhere....

Kathryn said...

You can always fake size and stay uppedness :D

LizN said...

Mine cost a lot less than that - about $8K as I combined them with the other procedure but worth every penny! I'm glad I did it before the economy hit the shiznit.

Raechelle said...

I just like the word "stay-uppiness" it should totally be in wikipedia! LOL!

Unknown said...

At least you start with something that can lose shape! I start with nothing and end up with nothing!! The only time I had any to speak of was when I was pregnant or feeding- and then they just seem to get in the way!

Carolyn said...

I'm hearing you Kek on the perkiness scale. I like small, but the just kind of go flat when I'm leaner. You can stick a pen under mine and it stays there :(.
Carolyn xx

Kek said...

Carolyn, I could stick my son's big bulky pencil case under mine and it'd stay there... ;o)

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