Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Make it up as you go along

Today's cardio:

Jump on spin bike after leg workout, get a feel for the bike for a couple of minutes (legs are already warmed up plenty!) then add a little resistance and belt out some Tabatas. Legs don't like that at all. I struggle to get my heart rate past 150.

OK, switch to standing hill climbs. One minute standing, big load, and really trying to run on the pedals (Legs aren't co-operating with these either) and one minute recovery.

*sigh* At the 16-minute mark, get OFF the bike and walk on a treadmill for ten minutes.

Some days you've got it, some days you don't. The days when you just trained legs with supersets? It's probably asking a bit much to expect to follow that up with a killer cardio workout....

At least cardio got done. :o)


Raechelle said...

Yes, overdoing it doesn't help in making gains-just wears out the bod!

Unknown said...

what are Tabatas??

Kek said...

Linda, Tabatas are particularly painful speed intervals on the bike - short and brutal.

20 seconds of FAST cycling, followed by 10 seconds of recovery, then rinse and repeat for four minutes. Two minutes to recover and do it again. Keep going till your legs fall off. :o)

You can actually use the Tabata method with just about any exercise at all. See this site for an explanation:


Unknown said...

Thanks kerryn- I'll check it out. It sound cruel!! I do 30 sec intervals on the bike and it kills!! - can't do too many! lol

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