Sunday, March 15, 2009

Nobody's Fault But Mine

Weight: 59.4 ....Up 1.0kg. Impressive.

Training: Not yet. I plan to get myself to the gym a bit later, when the little guy with the tiny hammer stops tap-tap-tapping inside my skull.

We had a fantastic meal last night. Bike Boy outdid himself, starting us off with oysters with three different toppings. Then it was Atlantic salmon with a preserved lemon and roasted walnut salsa. Of course, I made a nice green salad to go with it - gotta get my veggies in, even when I'm indulging a little.

Then I got to do what I do best: make a fabulous dessert. I found a recipe in one of those supermarket food magazines and gave it a whirl - individual soft-centred chocolate puddings. The soft centre was actually a small caramel-filled Easter egg. It was easy, delicious, and impressive and it looked something like this:

Good food, good company, and just a little too much good wine.... No regrets though, except for the headache. And perhaps the out-of-tune singing of some old songs that had the kids rolling their eyes. Parents are soooo embarrassing.

Today I plan on drinking plenty of water, getting my upper body workout in, and maybe having a little nap later this afternoon.

Last night was a lovely break from routine, but it's back to my usual schedule now. And I know the scales will fall into line again, probably within a few days.


Valley Girl said...

Good for you kek, and it all sounded delishious...

Got to live a little, and I did for a long time, ha!
hence the reason Im on my weight loss journey.
Good for getting back into it and enjoy your week.

little rene said...

God I LOVE your attitude towards food Kek!

You really seem to have it all, a great attitude, great body, happy family and therefore a great life!

I love reading your blog :)
(and getting great recipe ideas)

Unknown said...

yumyumyumyumYUM!!! That dessert looks awesome!! I presume its one of your recipes - low in calories and fat! lol

Kelly-anne Kenny said...

once again, your blog made my day. I am also 1kg up on last week. I had been telling myself to leave the scales alone, as they don't differentiate between fat, muscle and fluid, but it can be soo disheartening to see the fluctuations. and this weekend was my birthday so, my in-laws came up for the day today and we had a big lunch, followed by sponge cake covered in cream!!!!!! (my belly is making me pay for it now though!!!) So kek, once again, thank you for your great outlook on life, food and health. You have inspired a goal in me. I intend to continue on my healthy life plan (i refuse to label it a diet) and i am going to study to be a personal trainer and a nutritionist. thanks! kellxx

Tara said...

hmmmm am drooling over that pic big time!!

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