Thursday, March 05, 2009

Oh yeah? Take THAT!

Me: So, imagine I was an X-man (woman, whatever...)

Bike Boy: Mmm?

Me: What would my mutant super-power be?

Bike Boy: Farting

Me: ...........


Anonymous said...


comrade! i love me a good hard fart-off at home with WD.

i always win.



SeLiNa said...

HA HA!!! Bike boy cracks me up.

From rexona muscle (I will never forget that!) to Fart-woman, he'd have me in stitches all the time!

LizN said...


Kek said...

What can I say? Farts are funny.

Maturity is overrated.

Unknown said...

Maturity is overrated.

And that, children, is my new motto. :-D (probably just as well, since I spent half the night cackling when my Mum said "You don't remember remember remember!")

Sairs said...

Bahahaha. Your husband is the model of tact and spousal delicacy! Mind you, you must be a cracker to fart well enough that it's a SUPER POWER?!! :-)

Kek said...

Oh well, everyone needs a talent.

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