Monday, March 23, 2009

Over it

I'm bored with doing daily reports - knew that wouldn't last long. So I'm going back to weekly updates (or whenever I feel like it).

I have a busy week ahead anyway, and I'll need to organise my time carefully to fit everything in. I'm also fed up with being constantly sleep-deprived, so some early nights are required.

The plan overall is less blogging, more doing. An extra three or four hours in each day would be lovely...


Trixie said...

Okay,so your how you managed to do it all???
Will miss the daily updates though...:)

Anonymous said...

Kekster, at the risk of irritating you with obvious suggestions....have you tried valerian?

I have insomniac phases and I find it quite helpful....?

ss2306 said...

Oh no - I was enjoying reading your daily report whilst eating my breaky!

Come back, come back wherever you are - SOON!

PS See you at Filex - yep I'm there!

Unknown said...

yeah- 3 or 4 more hours of SLEEP!
Hope you get everything done and still have some time for that extra 'shut-eye'

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