Thursday, March 12, 2009

Report Card - Term 1

Name: Kek

Period: January – March 2009

Subject: How to be a Fitness Goddess 101

Unit 1 - Training:

All weights sessions completed as required and mostly with enthusiasm. Noticeable improvement in strength. A+

Cardio commitments began poorly. The student is far too easily distracted from the task at hand. Recent performance is very pleasing however, with all planned cardio sessions completed and some really good efforts amongst them. Nice to see a positive change. B+

Needs to do more walking. Rain is not an excuse! Can do better. C

Overall grade for this unit: A

Unit 2 - Nutrition:

Has stayed within calorie limits, and managed to hit macro targets most of the time. Again, efforts were a bit lacklustre at first, but improvement in recent weeks has been marked. Overall, a good effort. Has demonstrated a sound understanding of all principles, including the correct application of the highly specialised elective unit, the Dirty Diana Approach, as taught by Professor Nelson.

Needs to remember that M & Ms are not a suitable carb portion.

Grade: A

Unit 3 - Sleep:

Knows what’s required, but consistently fails to deliver. Very disappointing effort from a promising student. Must try harder.

Grade: D

Unit 4 - Attitude:

Got off to a shaky start, and created some concern when she initially got in with the wrong crowd. Had to be separated from Inner Fat Girl, Sooky Sue and Bingeing Bronwyn. The period following the unfortunate expulsion of Wino Wendy was a difficult time, but the decision has been fully justified, as improvements have come on in leaps and bounds.

A serious attitude realignment and some new, more suitable friends have created a much better environment. Gratifying to see Athlete Annie, Gym-Junkie Geraldine and Can-do Connie amongst her frequent associates.

A pleasing turnaround. Keep up the good work.

Grade: A


Pip said...

Haha Kek!!!

Nice start to the year, - great work from athlete Kek!!! You set awesome standards that those aspiring to be in the fitness field can work toward!

Now work on that SLEEP, then you may even get more outta yourself performance wise!!!


LizN said...

Great job, it's always good to have a student who listens in class.
The Prof..

Unknown said...

Well done- you are in line for promotion to the next level! Yaaahhhh

SeLiNa said...


Happy 1000th ;)

Carolyn said...

LOL Kek! I love this!
Especially Wino Wendy - she is still loitering around my schoolyard, but on the outside of the fence for now.....
I am definitely in the same class as you on sleep, can do better......
Carolyn :)

Charlotte Orr said...


Kek said...

Carolyn, I begin to suspect we're actually twins, who were separated at birth.

Wendy the Wino may make a brief reappearance this weekend... my self-imposed four weeks is up and we have Plans.

I'll try to keep her in check.

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