Saturday, March 07, 2009

Shakin' and a-movin'

Who doesn't love a long weekend? I have clients this morning, my workout to get done, then some online work to finish this afternoon, but after that, my time is mine, all mine, Baby!

I'll be staying tuned to the Arnold Classic coverage too - the figure and fitness divisions anyway, the others don't do it for me.... Jen H is competing for the fitness title again, and I have no doubt she'll put on a fantastic show. She always does.


Scales are up 500g this morning. Like I said yesterday, interesting... I'm fairly sure they'll be back down by Monday.


Is anyone else having a problem with their blog links not updating? I thought everyone was awfully quiet last night....then this morning I checked Google Reader and there were eleventy-gajillion posts to get through. Still nothing showing in my sidebar thingy. Hmm.


Apparently there was an earthquake last night, somewhere over near Korumburra. It was felt all over Melbourne, including in suburbs north and south of us, only.....we missed it. WTF? We were sitting on the couch watching a movie and felt nothing. No glasses rattling, no floor shaking, not a single teeny-tiny tremor.

I didn't think we had the sound up that loud. Or maybe our house really IS solid and just didn't move....?

Dammit, I miss all the good stuff.


Raechelle said...

Yes-I often have a problem with my sidebar not showing the updates-it happens off and on. Glad it's not just me ;-)

SeLiNa said...

So I heard! Earthquake that is. You guys down there just aren't getting any relief!!! Glad you're OK :)

Maybe you didn't feel it as your house IS a super house ;) That's gotta be comforting :)

Kathryn said...

I missed the earthquake too - how disappointing!

Unknown said...

I didn't feel the earthquake either- but then maybe we were too engrossed in eating pizza! ooops! lol

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