Thursday, March 05, 2009


Yesterday was going well (apart from the nosebleed which made me late for work) until the late afternoon, when I had a pretty nasty flare-up of agonising belly pain. Ugh. No idea what triggered that this time.

So, my plan to do cardio last night went out the window. Along with my plans to eat dinner.... I took some peppermint oil, had a cup of peppermint tea and put myself to bed early. And I actually slept well - apart from waking at 3:00am with TWO dead arms.

This morning I was tired and still had tummy grumblings going on, so I opted to stay in bed a while longer and bring my rest day forward. Or maybe I'll train tonight - I'll wait and see how I feel.

Scales were down to 58.6. Whatever.


On the good news front, I somehow managed to completely forget that Monday is a public holiday. Yesterday when I realised, it was like getting a surprise birthday present. Yippee!! Long weekend......

I'm also excited because Shauna, of Dietgirl fame, is coming home to Oz for a visit, and she'll be making a side-trip to Melbourne. Can't wait to meet her in the flesh! :o) Shauna's was the first blog I ever came across and I've been a reader and a fan for a long time. Now I count her as a cyber-friend, but I can still act like a star-struck idiot and get her to sign my copy of her book, right?


ss2306 said...

Yeah, I've got the gurgles and bloating happening again too - yuk!

Not fair you getting a public holiday and we don't!

Fifi said...

Hey there.

Have you tried Colloidal Silver?

I used to get really bad stomach cramps etc...probably IBS but nothing helped. I tooked a large does of colloidal silver, mixed with water and then lay on the couch for 20 minutes. It got rid of the pain that day and my stomach was really good after that.
Just a thought. I haven't used it in years though.

BTW I always get those dead arms..very freaky.

Anonymous said...

When is she coming, I'd love to get my copy signed too?

Kek said...

Thanks Frankie - I'm usually fine, just now and then it's a bit of a bastard. Peppermint seems to do the trick.

Better today, that's for sure.

Kek said...

Lia, she'll be here in early April, but I'm not sure what her schedule is like or if she'll be doing any official book promotion stuff.

You could leave a comment on her blog and ask. :o)

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