Monday, March 09, 2009

Smashed it!

Public holidays are the bee's knees. While I was eating my breakfast oats and whey, I pondered my cardio options. I could do a DVD or some other workout here at home. Or I could take it outdoors and have some fun at the park. OR I could wander off to the gym at 9:00am and do something there.

The gym won. No need to squeeze something in before work, I had plenty of time.....

So then I just had to decide exactly what I was going to do. It turned out to be a crazy-arse fusion of one of my favourite Liz Nelson specials, some of my own work and some other stuff I just made up as I went along.

Here's how it went:

Warm up on elliptical, then push resistance and pace up a little (not too much, don't want to run out of go right at the start). Go for 3 minutes, then hop off.
Get down on the floor and make everyone's eyebrows shoot off their faces with 50 plank jacks, then back on the machine for 3 minutes.
Jump off again for 30 mountain climbers, then another 3 minutes on the blasted elliptical.
Off again, and struggle through 10 squat-thrusts (ugh!). Ignore the looks.

Grab a resistance band and do 10 x-band walks in each direction twice.

Jump on the only vacant treadmill and walk at a nice brisk pace (ahhh!). Increase the incline by 1% every minute till it gets to 8%. Back to zero incline and do 3 x 1-minute jog/walk intervals. Add some pace and sprint for one minute....well, what passes for a sprint with me, anyway. Walk for 3 minutes to cool down.

Get down on the floor and do: plank 1 minute/clams x 12 right side/plank 1 minute/clams x 12 left side.

Stretch and all done! Not much more than 30 minutes and I was totally smashed. Max HR 199 (damn! I can do better than that!) and average HR 146. Mmm, not bad....

Also? The scales are behaving sensibly today: 57.8. Yeah. That sub-57 goal should be only a couple of weeks away.


LizN said...

yeah baby!!

Kathryn said...

Sounds like an awesome workout, but seriously what are people doing at the gym today? It's a gorgeous day outside :D

Kek said...

It was bloody freezing at 9:00am. I was nice and warm when I left though. :o)

Em said...

sounds like you have had a smashing long weekend hun :)
Nothing beats those mornings that you can take your time and not have to clock watch, I hate feeling rushed.
Have a great week hun :)

Unknown said...

Sounds like a fantastic workout kerryn. I must admit when I hear what you do I shrink a bit and realise I do 'nana' workouts! I did push myself a bit more on saturday at the gym and had a pleasant experience of mild DOMS! Yahhhh! lol

Kek said...

I bet you do NOT do nana workouts, Linda.... anyway, remember you had that foot thing going on, gotta take a bit of care with injuries.

Just because I do it, doesn't mean that sane people should... :p

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