Sunday, March 08, 2009

Sundays rock!

Weight: 57.9

Oh yeah. Show me some scale lerve, Baby!

Training: Straight out of bed and out the door for a short run; just a 16-minute loop of the estate. No sweat (Literally - it's very cool this morning!). After breakfast, my boring old prehab routine at home, then off to the gym for upper body.

The run was pretty easy; not bad, considering I've done bugger-all outdoor running for months. As for weights, I now have tremors in every muscle in my upper body. Good stuff.

Nutrition: Since the day's just begun, nothing much to report here... Except that I created a new pancake for brekky. Choc-hazelnut. Mmm-mmm. All it needed was a layer of Nutella on top.... :p

Might skip my morning snack - breakfast was a bit later than usual, and it came in at a fairly hefty 461 Cals. Probably just as well I didn't have any Nutella in the house....

Mindset: Freaking awesome.

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LizN said...

Go you! Scale loves me this morning - it's playing catch up :)


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