Friday, March 20, 2009

Think I better dance now....

Weight: 57.9. Right on target. Wait, I've exceeded this week's target.... *does a celebratory happy dance*

Here's a thing - while daily weighing shows my weight going up, down and all around, as Aretha would say, my Thursday numbers are consistently dropping, a few hundred grams at a time. There's often a spike on Monday after my routine changes on the weekend, but by Thursday, everything is falling back into line. Hmm. Interesting.

Training: Upper body. Supersets. Haaaaaard.

It was just me and two beefy blokes at the gym at 8:30 this morning, so no problems doing my supersets. My tennis elbow has been giving me hell the past couple of days, and it really didn't like decline pushups one little bit. Think I'd better get some ice onto that forearm. Once I can lift my arms high enough to reach the freezer anyway.

Cardio will get done later - I may take my 3:30 client over to the park and do something with her.

Nutrition: I'm keeping it creative. If you can't throw in a few squares of chocolate somewhere, what's the point, right? I'm about to go get those cherries and chocolate and see what I can come up with.

Recipe coming up later.

I've always loved Tom Jones' souled-up version of Kiss (cannot stand that pretentious little wanker, Prince). I was loving this on my iPod at the gym this morning. I always get a smile out of the few bars of the theme from Peter Gunn that sneaks in there.

Think I better dance now....


ss2306 said...

Doing the happy dance with/for you!

High five girlfriend.

You're a rock star!

Charlotte Orr said...

LOL, that was the song I used for my routine for my first few comps!
Keep up the great work!

SeLiNa said...

I've got the supersets coming up next week. So NOT looking forward to it ;)
4xsessions a week is hard enough, I'm never recovered enuff before it's time to do em again!!

LOVE LOVE your recipes!! Wanted to make a souffle today, was too hungry to cook it though ;) dang that!

Jadey said...

WOOHOO and what a reason to dance. That's a fabulous outcome!

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