Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This and that

Trixie asked whether I have the recipes on my food blog for the meals I mentioned in my last post. The beef stroganoff is here, and the apple-cinnamon pancakes are just a variation of any of my standard pancake recipes. Try this one, take out the blueberries and add a small grated apple and a good shake of ground cinnamon. I actually did a much simpler version today, but don't have time to type it out - maybe later.

The chicken recipe is one that the lovely Shelley sent me, so I'm not posting that without asking her first.....


Today's menu, for the morbidly food-obsessed:

1) Oats, vanilla whey, skim milk, chopped walnuts, black coffee
2) Apple-cinnamon pancakes, green tea
3) Creamy chicken & bacon fettucine (this has mushrooms, asparagus, spinach and capsicum in it, so my veggie quota is looking good)
4) Cottage cheese, ricotta, raspberries, more walnuts
5) Beef stroganoff with lots of broccoli
6) Fresh fruit salad


Sleep report: I woke once during the night around 4:30am, because it was PELTING with rain. :o)

The steel decked section of roof at the front of our house and the odd-shaped downpipe that runs off it can be a bit noisy when the rain really gets going. Not complaining.....


In spite of thrashing my legs twice weekly, and changing sets/reps every couple of weeks, I'm not getting severe DOMS at the moment. Just some mild glute soreness mainly. I'm wondering if the Xtend plus L-glutamine I'm chugging down during and after my workout are the reason?


I'm all set for the day, and I'm packing some serious hardware, with plenty of spare ammo.

Locked and loaded, Baby!


ss2306 said...

And firing on all cylinders!!

Of course you can post the recipe sweetie. It's just one of many that I whipped up and actually turned out yummy.

You enjoy all that scrummy food today.

Trixie said...

Guilty as charged..morbidly food-obsessed!!!!
Thanks for keeping me in mind on this post!

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