Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"To be prepared is half the victory"

I made good use of an hour tonight, and unleashed my inner domestic goddess, chopping and measuring and stir-frying, and ending up with six serves each of beef stroganoff and creamy chicken fettucine. Tomorrow, while my breakfast oats are simmering, I'll whip up a batch of apple-cinnamon pancakes as well, and with some fruit, nuts and other goodies on hand, I'll be set for the rest of the week.

Given that my mojo is a bit transient just now, and that my energy levels seem to ebb and flow a bit too, seizing the moment to do some meal preparation is not only useful, it's bloody essential. Having healthy and tasty meals at hand definitely makes life easier.

More importantly, I'm far less likely to fall victim to the battalion of rebel commandos who live inside my head, and who constantly try to lead me astray for one flimsy reason or another. These past couple of days, they've ganged up and mounted guerilla attacks on me while my defences were a bit weakened, and I'm still limping from some minor wounds.....

Big on the war analogies tonight, aren't I? That's because I'm going into battle, guns a-blazing, and I'm taking those mofos DOWN.


Kathryn said...

Yah for preparation! I need to do some of that. I'm good at cooking up stuff for dinner but a bit slack when it comes to lunches. Beef strog sounds good - one of those things that can be so healthy if you make it yourself :D

iwishiwas said...

You go girl!!

Trixie said...

Do you have the recipes on your other blog for those three recipes?? Would love to try my hand at them!

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