Thursday, March 19, 2009

Walk this way

Weight: 58.1 - down 300g. Yeah, keep going....

Training: Spinervals Enter the Red Zone. What was I thinking? This was a big ask today, after a bad night's sleep. Tired and feeling a bit crappy isn't the best way to start this killer workout. Add in sore glutes from yesterday's leg workout and it was never going to be a top effort. Oh, and I struggled to get out of bed, so didn't actually have 58 minutes to do the whole thing anyway. I plodded through two sets and decided it was breakfast time.

Nutrition: This week I've gone back to planning all my meals at night for the next day. That way I never get to the end of the day and think Oh crap! I only have 200 Cals left for dinner... Plus I can prepare most of my food ahead, then all my meals just become no-brainers. I don't always do this, and usually it's not a problem, but I'm determined to hit that sub-57 goal within four weeks, so I'm leaving nothing up to chance.

No treat meal today, because there's not even a hint of Thursdayitis. I have plans for brunch on Sunday anyway, so I'll wait.

Choc-banana-peanut butter cookies for morning tea today - yum!

Liz posted a "what I ate today" entry for the curious, and it's remarkably like my meals at the moment, heavy on the veggies. I whipped up a chicken stir-fry last night, and threw in:

A bunch of bok choy
A biggish head of broccoli
An onion
Half a red capsicum
About one-and-a-half cups of mixed frozen veg
A big handful of chopped coriander

Some ginger, garlic and chilli topped it off. Oh, and a splash of soy sauce, for salty goodness. :p That made two serves....

Apart from 40g of oats and a small potato, all the rest of my carbs came from fruit and veg - and a little yoghurt. And I hit 38% - would have been more, but I'm going heavyish on the fats just now, so things have to balance out.

It's definitely nice to be eating so much food in terms of volume and still sticking to around 1500 calories. And watching the numbers go down on the scale.


Anonymous said...

i'm currently having issues fitting all the bags of Imperial Mix frozen vegies into my freezer kek!

me and the wavemeister, we loves them!

LizN said...

Gosh I played "Walk this Way" this morning in Step class - so my blog post will be "Started with a Little Kiss like this" :)

PS word verification really:)

ss2306 said...

I'm drooling at the mouth looking at your cookies. Lucky I'm sitting with a bowl of chocolate oats!

Congrats on the drops - you're going off.

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