Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Welcome to the wild, wild....south?

We're expecting a day of wild weather here in Melbourne. Great. The warnings have been coming thick and fast: extreme fire danger, winds equalling a day in April last year, when roofs blew off and goodness-knows-what else.

The BoM and the CFA have both been talking gloom and doom, and first thing yesterday I got a text from The Baby's school to say that an excursion planned for today wasn't going ahead, due to the expected weather conditions. Seems some schools and child care centres will be closed altogether - those in fire danger areas where evacuation may be an issue. We even got several emails at work warning us to take care, stay indoors if possible and if anyone needed to be home due to school closures etc, to speak to their manager.

So all of that was a bit extraordinary, but then yesterday afternoon, mobile phones started going nuts all around the office. EVERYONE was getting text messages. It turned out to be a message from Vic Police, making sure everyone who wasn't living in a cave knew about the forecast conditions.

Thanks guys. Now I'm really nervous.


I got up at 6:30am, even though I don't need to be at the gym till later on, because this morning has one of the weekly two-hour windows when we're allowed to water the garden. So I haul out the hose and get started.....and it starts to rain.

I stayed out there and did it anyway, even though it was just about bucketing down. I know how this goes - it pours for about 15 minutes, then nothing. The soil is still as dry as a bone and you've wasted your only opportunity to avoid hauling buckets full of bath water around.

I was hoping to be proven wrong. The wind might still howl, but at least a good soaking would reduce the fire danger. Not looking good so far - the rain's just stopped.


Anonymous said...

we should be nervous kekster!

we iz all goan buuuuuuurn!

no rain down here on the morington region. TYPICAL!


Tara said...

i hope that it pisses down keryn. Be safe xxx

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