Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What have I achieved today?

1. I got up early to water the garden.

2. I was at the gym right after dropping kids at school, and had a great upper body workout.

3. I needed a snack while I was out, so instead of buying an expensive and artificial additive-filled protein bar, I nicked into the fruit shop and bought a banana. I'll make up for the lack of protein later.

4. I've been indulging my plant addiction and now instead of sitting on my butt here, I'm off to get all dirty. :o)



Ronnie said...

Oh gardening!!! I'm excited.

Tara said...

good job on the banana!! have fun in the garden :o)

Unknown said...

It's a great idea to think of what one has achieved in any day. Sometimes we think we waste time but when you list it out you realise that we are really busy buzzy bees! Glad you had a good day!! Tomorrow I do some exercise for a change!!

iwishiwas said...

Watering the garden...if only we needed that up here in the Northern hemisphere (see what a well travelled blog you have)we hope for a good summer this year!

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