Monday, March 23, 2009

Where did SHE come from?

This morning, I had a tussle with my inner diva. The past few days I've been allowing molehills to turn into mountains and had just about reached my can't cope point.

So today I was planning on an extra rest day and a nice little sleep-in, thinking that would get me through the day. Unfortunately the domestic schedule had other ideas. Bike Boy had an early flight to catch and, in spite of doing his best to be as quiet as a mouse, I was awake before 6:00am and didn't manage to get back to sleep.

There was a fair bit of stomping around, plus some sighing and feeling generally hard done by. Facing the traffic was not very attractive. Dealing with squabbling teenagers wasn't thrilling me either. Being a solo parent for a few days? Bah! My inner diva was getting ready to launch into full-blown drama queen mode, when I had a lightbulb moment and realised that 99% of my problem was lack of sleep. I've had maybe two decent uninterrupted nights in the past six weeks or so.

As I've noted before, lack of sleep makes me irrational, cranky, sends my appetite out of control and makes it impossible for me to deal with stuff that ordinarily would just make me roll my eyes and get on with it.

I don't have insomnia - I can sleep soundly if I'm allowed to. If I was the paranoid type though, I'd be thinking that there's some kind of conspiracy going on to drive me insane through sleep deprivation. If it's not Bike Boy snoring or twitching, it's Number One Son tiptoeing in on his elephant feet at 3:00am. Or the garbos crashing down the street at 5:15am. Or my stupid nose deciding to stage a major bleed at midnight. Or something.

So, my plan is to do everything I possibly can to ensure a good night's sleep, then repeat as required till I feel better. Otherwise, my inner diva is going to end up throwing a full-blown prima donna tantrum, and that never ends well. Unless of course, you actually have a large entourage who are paid well enough to put up with your shit. Sadly, not the case here.

Instead, this is my simple plan:

1. No coffee after 6:00pm
2. Bedtime at 9:30pm (not tonight though, have to go pick up The Middle Child from work at 10:00)
3. Arrange my training schedule so that I can sleep till 6:00 most days
4. Take my ZMA
5. Pack the kids off to their rooms when I go to bed. No TV noise and no stomping around the house. That's going to go down well....

Let's hope that does the job. If things don't improve in a few days, it may not be safe to be around me. Besides, I need to get things DONE. I don't have time for this drama stuff.


MTB Girl said...

Hey Kek

I've found melatonin helps me a lot, and it doesn't give me weird dreams like magnesium does. It helps me to drop off to sleep and also sleep more soundly. I sleep really lightly too.

Last time Alistair took magnesium he had a dream that he had to clear the bed of the quilt (for someone in a wheelchair rolling across it???), and pulled it inch by inch off me - WEIRD!!

LizN said...

Yay, go you! Love your style! Sic em Rex! (word verification: oughtto

Kek said...

Amanda, I don't need magnesium to give me weird dreams. When it comes to dremaing, I'm the queen of the bizarre.

Funny, I've hardly had a memorable dream at all since I've been back on the ZMA.

Clara said...

Have you considered ear plugs? Seriously. I had issues on and off for years. Finally bit the bullet and use one ear plug at night. Keeps the bulk of the extra noise out, but since it's not both ears I can hear true emergency things.

Kathryn said...

It's amazing how many of life's dramas are caused by lack of sleep. Good luck tonight :D

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