Friday, March 06, 2009


Scales this morning are showing 58.0. Down another 600g from yesterday, and a whopping 1.3kg from the day before. Interesting, because I went a bit Dirty Diana the past couple of days too, and pushed calories up quite a bit.

Last night after a perfectly adequate dinner, I felt the need for chunky rice cakes with honey. I had that Uh-oh, I need fast-acting carbs NOW feeling, no doubt as a result of burning mega-calories during RPM. The day before, a chocolate bar snuck in, for no particular reason other than I just felt like it.

Of course, there's also been plenty of protein and veggies eaten, including my usual quota of asparagus. Also, PMS seems to have finally left the building.

I like daily weighing - it's always interesting..... 57s, here I come. Almost back where I ought to be, yay!


I got my Filex bookings all sorted. Registration is done - although because I had some internet issues the other day and quit trying in disgust, when I finally got back to completing my form online, a couple of the sessions I wanted to do were full. Grrrr!

Airfares and hotel are booked too, so I'm all set. Selina's coming, and we're doing a heap of sessions together (although Boo! that she got into the outdoor prac one and I didn't). With fourteen sessions booked, and only seven required to get our CEC quota, there's plenty of opportunity for wagging and going shopping instead.


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SeLiNa said...

You can totally sneak into the outdoor one... why is there limited places, it's freaking outdoor, we don't need seats!!!!!!
Plus, guaranteed, someone won't show up ;) And how many ppl swap and change on the day anyway ;)

And that shopping idea sounds just terrible ;) hee hee

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