Monday, March 16, 2009

Why do I feel this party's over?

Weight: 59.4 No change. Oh Yeah? Watch out tomorrow - you're going DOWN, sister!

Training: Kenpo-X. This was a disappointing effort. Thanks to a very sore right hamstring (no idea what's up with that), I pulled the pin halfway through.

Other stuff: Yesterday's training didn't happen. I fell asleep on the couch.....for four hours. The rest of the day passed with me being all sluggish and can't-be-bothered. So the party is definitely over for me and Mr Alcohol. Sorry, mate, you're banished again.

I'm planning another four-week block with not a drop passing my lips. Just a little doesn't work all that well for me, so I'm practising a zero-tolerance approach again.

This morning I feel as though I need a billion more hours sleep, but I'll just have to survive on the seven hours I got. *sigh* Tired, sore, half-arsed training effort.....nice start to the week.

Where's the positive? Things can only get better.


Anonymous said...

kekster! i'm TOTALLY on the wagon for 1 month.

i'm over alcohol. i like a wine or two, but over that i feel like i've been hit by a garbage truck when i wake up the next day.

i will e-copy your wineless four weeks. though... i can't promise i won't whine.

Sara said...

I'm SO with you. It's not so much what alcohol does to my body, but what it does to my BRAIN. Must be - er - 'growing up'. Besides which, you are more than capable of getting completely stooopid without the aid of any drinkies at all.

little rene said...

I'm thinking about doing taht for a while too Kek. I only have one glass of red every Friday and Saturday night though so I am not sure yet.

I do know that I always feel AMAZING when I ban alcohol though!

ss2306 said...

And you know they will get better.

SeLiNa said...

LOL! I've confessed my sins too on my blog. Timing was perfect!!

Pip said...

Good luck Kek with the 4 week alcohol ban! I really should, (and may well do) join you on that one! I'd struggle but! I'm good at Mon - Thurs normally but the weekend crushes me!

Surely I can do it!


Em said...

I am having one of those days too.
But like you it will get better :)

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