Thursday, March 12, 2009

Your love is like a see-saw

Weight: Down 100g to 58.3.

...Like a see-saw Baby,
Your love is like a see-saw,
Goin' up, down, all around,
You're like a see-saw.

Training: It's Thursday, so it must be CARDIO day.

No dragging my butt off to the gym today. It's an office day, so I give myself a break and train at home. Today's effort:

Spinervals Aero Base Builder V - Set 1, 20 minutes. (ugh, sweaty!). Followed that up with Amy Bento's Hi-Lo Dome Challenge - just the BOSU section, I'm not completely nuts.

My butt is going to hurt tomorrow - and it's legs day....

Nutrition: Food's all packed and ready to go. Today's lot includes raisin toast with ricotta and strawberries (yum!) and my choc-raspberry delight for snacks, plus a chicken and mango salad for lunch.

Dinner to be decided...I was planning on making a BBQ chicken pizza, but I think that might be pushing things with calories and carbs, so perhaps I'll have that tomorrow instead.

Mindset: Today's mission: To not to eat all my food early because I'm bored out of my brain.

That's what happened yesterday, I'd scoffed everything by 2:00pm - so by the time I was on my (long) drive home, I was hungry and those M & Ms were just calling my name. It was a conscious decision, my choice, and I'm happy that I bought a 50g pack, not the giant bloody family-economy size.... And I pulled carbs back in, having steak and veggies for dinner, so it all turned out OK in the end. Still, not ideal.

Repeat after me: Food is NOT entertainment. If I get bored, I'll go for a walk, browse all the fitness mags in the local newsagent, try all the cosmetic samples at Priceline, phone a friend, something.


Witchazel said...

That is TOTALLY my problem too!!! Food for boredom relief... Can not seem to break that habit... sigh!
I end up song housework instead and really, how sad is that! LOL
Hope you have a good day I'm office bound today too.. YUK!

emharvie said...

That is exactly what I do. Love your mantra... food is not entertainment, food is not entertainment, food is not entertainment

Trixie said...

lol..I do the same thing! When board at work eat all the food I have..then have nothing for dinner! I'll try and apply your tips instead

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