Thursday, April 30, 2009


I figured out today that I have clearly been in a coma for the past three months or so, but nobody's game to tell me. I must have lapsed into unconsciousness somewhere around ANZAC Day and have woken up in the middle of July. Or maybe August.

It's the only possible explanation for this morning's sub-zero temperature, the thick layer of frost on the ground, and the fact that THE SKI RUNS ARE OPENING AT MOUNT BULLER IN TWO DAYS' TIME.

This is NOT April, no way. Come on - who's messing with me? Fess up, it's not funny any more. *pouts*

Program malfunction, perhaps?

I try to enter my dinner in Calorie King. In the food search tab thingie I type "rice". I get this response:

Your search - rice - did not match any foods.

D'ya think there's maybe something up with the Cal King database?

Good thinking, 99

Is it hard to get up in the mornings? Does getting ready to train seem like way too much trouble?

The solution: sleep in your workout clothes.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Attitude adjustment

This week didn't start well. I've been mopey, tired and just not in the mood for training or eating well. Not in the mood? Since when does that ever matter? Isn't that the point of living a fit and healthy life; you just do it anyway, even when you don't feel like it?

To add to my already sucky mood, Bike Boy is away on business for most of the week, so that means that I can't indulge my inner princess and just expect dinner to materialise in front of me at the appropriate time.


So this afternoon, after being a whiney cry-baby on the phone to my beloved about what a crappy week I was having, I had a "moment". I couldn't stand my own moaning any longer - I seriously wanted to give myself a good slap and shout: Hey! Snap OUT of it! That might have raised a few eyebrows though, so I took myself off for a walk in the fresh (freezing) air and bought this at Smiggle:

Then I left work early, threw some meat in the microwave to defrost while I made a strong coffee and got changed, and did a 30-minute cardio workout. I cooked dinner: schnitzels, chips and veggies for the kids, a chicken stir-fry with lots of veg for me, with extra serves to go in the fridge, of course. I ordered the junior minions to take care of the dishes, answered a couple of emails and then did the upper body workout that I should have done this morning.

Next on the agenda is a shower, warm PJs and some TV time with The Baby.

That's me back on track. :o)

I also bought this cute little guy. He goes well with my elephant quote....

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Recipe alert!

The weather's turned cold and yoghurt/cottage cheese with fruit simply wasn't going to cut it for my snack this morning. Nope, I needed something warm and filling.

Time for a new pancake recipe!

Sunday, April 26, 2009



ath·lete (n.)

A person possessing the natural or acquired traits, such as strength, agility, and endurance that are necessary for physical exercise or sports, especially those performed in competitive contexts.

There ya go, Lizzie.... :o)


My office is still a work in progress, but my inspiration board is finally up on the wall next to my desk. It needs a few things added (hint: Selina....!!) and I'll probably move some stuff around, but I'm happy with how it's shaping up.

I find visual reminders very helpful when it comes to staying on track.

It's important to remember where you've come from:

What you've achieved:

Who's inspired you:

And the friends who've helped you get where you are today:

Then you can add some fun stuff (love these badges from Smiggle):

And thanks to Amanda for this card, which makes me smile every time I see it:

Now I need to get down to K mart to print a few more photos, so I can finish this thing.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Pretentious, much?

Today, I decided to take my Mum to Westfield at Doncaster so we could have a walk around, check out the big extension/makeover and have a coffee. It's not my shopping centre of choice, given that there are at least three others closer, but it's nice to go somewhere different for a change.

I have to say, they're a bit uppity over there in Doncaster these days. Marble floors, chandeliers, designer fashions, gourmet food stores where you pay $9 for a small packet of crackers, and a guy in a dinner suit playing a grand piano. Oh, and valet parking....seriously? It's Doncaster, people. Remember your roots - your Dad was a concreter who bought a piece of an old orchard way out in the burbs and built a triple-fronted BV on it, not the freaking Duke of Marlborough.

I wasn't sure whether to laugh at the try-hards or feel vaguely out of place. Maybe I should just stick to the bogan shopping centres I usually frequent.

There was one exciting discovery - WHY did nobody tell me that Koko Black have opened a shop there? Now I don't have to travel for an hour or more to get my fix.


I did have a point to this post. It was all about how being intuitive about food is harder than it seems, and how it can be tricky to recognise when you need extra carbs. And how eating a small feta and spinach muffin and half a fig and pecan biscuit between 10:00am and 5:00pm is really, REALLY stupidly inadequate. And how a lovely big bowl of oats with banana and honey fixes a nasty hypoglycaemic episode quick-smart.

But I got sidetracked poking fun at the snobby folks. Oh well.


Source: the National Archives

MARSH ERNEST RONALD : Service Number - VX75568
Date of birth - 04 Nov 1914
Place of birth - NORTHCOTE VIC
Place of enlistment - CAULFIELD VIC
Next of Kin - MARSH ANNIE

Grandpa and Grandma - Ron and Daphne (yes, both of them were known by their middle names) - all dressed up for a wedding c. 1982.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fit to travel

So I went away for the weekend – three days, to be exact. A couple of people have asked me how I managed food whilst away. Did I take my scales, my measuring cups and spoons, and furiously log everything in Calorie King? Did I cook up a storm in my hotel room?

Nope. I’m not competing at the moment, just maintaining, so I simply trusted myself to make mostly good choices, but relax a little more than usual if I felt like it.

I took some breakfast supplies, and that’s all the preparation I did. Just for the record, those instant oats with the protein and flavourings added don’t do it for me. They taste pretty good, but in terms of satisfaction, are a bit like eating a bowl of nothing. I commented to Liz after I’d finished brekky on Saturday that it didn’t even touch the sides. A second breakfast was definitely required!

Lunches and snacks were managed from what was available at the expo cafeteria or a nearby small supermarket. Second breakfasts were eggs, veggies and toast, or a variation thereof, at a waterside café. Dinners were very enjoyable restaurant meals, ordered straight from the menu. I chose carefully, but there was no fussing over what the chef had or hadn't put in the dish.

I also had an ice cream, a piece of fudge (that was disappointing, it was far too sickly. I should have gone for chocolate instead), three glasses of wine and I think a small chocolate treat snuck in there too. *thinks* Plus samples of this and that, and a whole bag of some really delicious nut snacks. Portion sizes were all guesstimates, but I know I ate more than usual overall.

Training-wise, I did two practical sessions at Filex: a killer BOSU/stability ball session that involved a lot of cardio, and a fairly low-key advanced resistance training one. And walking. LOTS of walking. That was it.

On Monday I jumped on the scales and they were up 2.0kg. That was totally expected. I could see I was holding extra fluid. But some impressive drops in the past three days have put me right back where I was last Thursday before I left. And I’ve achieved that without doing anything different than usual with my food or training. If anything, training has consisted of less volume and intensity than normal.

I feel like I’m becoming more and more in tune with my body and how it reacts to nutritional changes. It’s an interesting and mostly fun experiment. :o)

Getting organised

Staying on top of things in my office is something I struggle with. There's client work, business admin stuff, education stuff (gotta stay up to date with exercise and nutrition) and family bits and pieces (bills, school forms, receipts, reports, plus files relating to house-building and so on). I hate not being to find the exact thing I need, but like a lot of busy people, it's hard to make the time for filing, let alone for setting up systems that work in the first place.

Consequently I have big bursts of Aargh!! I have to organise this stuff! and I cruise along for a while before I begin to be buried in a sea of paperwork again.

So, since I'm getting my studio set up - and my office is in an alcove at one end of the studio - I'm taking the opportunity to turn over a new leaf. I've ditched my horrible old desk and bought new tables and bookcases and shelves from IKEA. I've just won an eBay bid on a handy pedestal drawer unit to go under the desk - why pay $200+ for new when you can get a perfectly good second hand job for $40? And yesterday I called into Smiggle for some handy - and pretty - storage boxes and tins.

I also discovered that Kikki K run organisation workshops, so I'm planning to get myself to one of those. And they sell pretty stuff too. Who wants to settle for functional, when you can have pretty and functional? Besides, I spend so much time at my desk, I may as well make it a pleasant place to work.

My new equipment arrives this afternoon, and I'm not very excited about that. Deliriously happy, maybe - but excited? Nah....

I'll post up some photos of the finished product - it might be a few days. There are a few things to assemble.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What a difference a day makes!

Last night I was completely exhausted. I left work at 4:00pm, endured the drive home, picked up some fresh skim milk (THAT was a taste sensation I don't care to repeat), got dinner organised and by 8:30 I was on the couch, struggling to keep my eyes open. My head hit the pillow a little after 9:30 and I slept like a baby.

I hate being that tired....

This morning, I was up at 5:45, dressed and on my way to the gym just before 6:00. I had the fright of my life when I drove around a slight bend, and a monster roo chose exactly that moment to bound across the road in the dark. Missed me by THAT much... Kangaroos are both the upside and the downside of living in the sticks. Ha! Woke me up anyway.

My leg workout was awesome, my porridge (and a second coffee) is going down nicely, food is all packed and I'm about to hit the shower. The sun's shining again, and it's going to be a good day.

Nothing can ruin my mood today. Not even getting to the gym in the cold and the dark, and having the realisation hit me that winter is just around the corner. Winter? Pfft. You don't scare me. *blows raspberries at winter*

Ah, sleep, my secret weapon. :o)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Seven things that sucked about today

1. Bike Boy snored incessantly last night, resulting in my getting nowhere near enough sleep.

2. I took the first mouthful of my porridge, and THEN discovered that the use-by date on the milk was several days ago.

3. I went to work. On my day off.

4. It was a gloriously sunny day and I was stuck inside.

5. I got my flu vax this morning, and my arm hurts like a mofo.

6. I didn't pack enough food for the day and now I'm starving.

7. I'm way too exhausted to train.

Monday, April 20, 2009


I SMASHED my workout this morning. Prehab exercises, upper body supersets, then a nice little cardio session which I made up as I went along:

Elliptical, 3 minutes, nice quick pace
Walking lunges, 12 each leg, then same back the other way
20 body weight squats
Elliptical 3 minutes
Slow squats with 10-second holds x 5
Elliptical 3 minutes
T-pushups x 10
Treadmill 2 minutes running, 1 minute walking, x 3
Walking lunges with med ball rotations x 15
Treadmill incline walking 4 minutes
Tradmill, zero incline, slower pace, 3 minutes

Fast and furious, 'cos that's how I roll.....

Actually, I suspect the mocha-almond fudge ice cream last night may have played a part. Boy, was I energised this morning! ;o)

Gimme a high five!

Weekend highlights

Filex rocked..... as usual. I learned heaps, was inspired by some fantastic speakers, got to hang out with old friends and meet some internet friends for the first time, got in a couple of workouts, ate some great food, saw lots of shiny new stuff at the expo (and plenty of eye candy :p) and although the pace was slightly manic, it was actually relaxing. It's always good to have a break from your usual routine and get away from your work, no matter how much you love it.

I also have plenty of blog fodder - some of the lectures and workshops I attended got my brain ticking over and gave me some great ideas for blog posts. But that's for later - I have to catch up on work, washing and some other stuff today.

Meanwhile, here are a few pics:

Me and Miss Lizzie having second breakfast on Friday morning on the waterfront

Selina and I with Lindy Olsen. She's standing on a box, we're not really that short. Oh, alright, yes we are...

Shelley and KatieP pretending to be tourists

And me amongst the tall people. Lindy, my good friend Debbie Rossi and her husband Talal. I look like a bloody hobbit. A pale, tired and slightly dishevelled hobbit. I was knackered by the time this was taken on Sunday arvo.

I was so busy chatting, that I completely forgot to get photos of so many other people: Jay, Fern & Vicki, Claire, Caroline and a few others that I can't think of right now. I did so much socializing.... *ahem*....I mean networking, that it's amazing I made it to any of my sessions.

I also got to meet one of my lovely online clients in person, which was a treat.

Oh, and the Crossfit demos at the expo were just awesome - those guys are really hard core. They make my workouts look like a stroll around the block.

I have lots more to share, but right now I have places to go and people to see....

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Scheduled outage

Tomorrow morning I'll be up at an insanely early hour to make my flight to Sydney for Filex. I should be excited, but I've barely had time to think about it.

Usually, I'm so well organised that I'd be all packed by now, but I've not even begun to think about what to pack. I've had a full-on week with clients, I've dismantled my office area and partly re-assembled it (don't have my new storage units yet), dealt with kids on school holidays and, of course, my husband's broken head.

The house is a mess, there's clean washing all over the floor in the lounge, waiting to be sorted and folded, I have nothing prepared for lunch, AND I'm wearing a threadbare hoodie and bleach-stained track pants and I have an invite for arvo tea which I'm clearly not going to make. *sigh*

If I put on my superwoman costume and go at warp speed from now till bedtime, maybe, just maybe, I'll get everything done. Or I could go take a leisurely shower, put on something slightly less disgusting than what I'm wearing, go out for afternoon tea anyway, do my packing when I get back and just say que sera, sera regarding everything else.

Either way, I'll be offline till Monday. I could take the laptop and the wireless modem, but that's just one more thing to carry, and I doubt I'll have much time for computer-based stuff anyway.

Now, where did I put that hotel voucher and the airline itinerary?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Slight change of plans

That tidying up and filing I was going to do? It didn't happen. Nor did most of the emails get answered, the washing get folded or any cleaning get done other than a cursory sweeping of floors and a quick dunny-cleaning before afternoon visitors arrived.

No, I wasn't sucked into an internet time-warp. Bike Boy was doing a good deed, mowing my mother's lawn, when he had an altercation with the sharp corner of a brick wall. The wall won.

He stumbled on an uneven concrete edge and lost his balance, falling backwards and whacking the back of his head on the wall. The result was a nasty scalp laceration that I really didn't like the look of. He thought it would be OK, I wasn't so sure. In the end, I had to take a photo of it and download it to my computer to show him before he'd concede that yes, he might actually need medical attention. It's not that he's afraid of doctors, he just hates the time-wasting that inevitably accompanies an emergency visit...

The doc applied superglue, gave him a tetanus shot and sent us on our way. As we were driving home, he didn't seem to appreciate my quip about Humpty Dumpty being put back together again.

Bye-bye bloat!

Yesterday's efforts were rewarded with an overnight scale drop of 500g. Told you I was bloated....

This morning I was up early and off to the gym to train legs. As usual at that time of day, it was just me and three guys. No crowds today! I didn't have a lot of time after my weights session, but squeeezed in a 17-18 minute cardio session that did the job:

Incline treadmill, nice brisk pace for 6 minutes
Walking lunges the length of the cardio area and back (about 30 or so)
Incline treadmill again for 4 minutes
Fast squats x 15
Squat & hold x 3 (only managed about 10-15 seconds for the holds....yikes!)
Treadmill (no incline) 6 minutes

The great thing about this type of workout is that you can tailor it to fit any amount of time you have available, and also to suit any fitness level. Oh, and the bonus part is that you're never doing the same thing long enough to get bored. :o)

I've also been for a good walk with a client for about 45 minutes, so that's training all done for today. Now I have to clean up the boxes of "stuff" and deal with my piles of filing, so I have room in here for the shiny new equipment when it arrives. And I need to talk to a man about a mirror....

Monday, April 13, 2009

And by the way

No matter what I do, I'm still going to be the fat chick next weekend. Maybe if I practice my Jedi mind powers all week, nobody will notice that I'm the odd one out.

* Mutter* That'll teach me to hang out with figure girls who are four weeks out from comp....

Guilt-driven workouts

I managed to sleep undisturbed this morning till after 7:00 - there was no rush to get up since the gym didn't open till 9:00 anyway. So after lying there for half an hour, I got up and headed out for a lovely peaceful 45-minute walk. It was only around 10 degrees, but the sun was warming up, and there was barely a soul around. Just lots of birds and a few roos. I love public holidays!

By the time I faffed around, having breakfast and so on, I got to the gym a bit late, close to 10:00am. I've never seen the car park so full! I remarked to the guy at the front desk that there must have been a LOT of chocolate eaten yesterday. ;o) It was insane inside....people running on treadmills, puffing on ellipticals, as well as the usual big boys heaving too-heavy dumbbells around with really bad form.

I see this all the time after Christmas, New Year, Easter. Suddenly the gym is packed, as people who've overindulged cram in to carry out the fitness version of self-flagellation. Guilt, misery and self-loathing abound, you can almost feel it.

I've had more than a little chocolate these past few days, and the odd hot cross bun, but guilt isn't even on my horizon. I'm just sticking my oar in, as Liz would say, paddling away as usual today - nothing out of the ordinary. There's a bit of carb-bloat to get rid of, and the scales are up about 1kg, but sensible, normal eating will take care of that.

Besides, all those people I see killing themselves at the gym only last a day or two at most and they're not seen again till the next holiday. A bit of moderation and consistency would go a lot further.

So I managed to put in a smashing upper body session, then headed home for a souffle omelette. Yum! Today's goodies have included:

1. Oats, whey, skim milk. Ran out of walnuts, dammit!
2. Passionfruit souffle omelette
3. Roast chicken, roast potato & sweet potato, broccolini and some salad. And two juicy dates for "dessert"
4. Cottage cheese, banana and chocolate whey

Dinner looks like being home-made souvlaki. I'll probably skip the bread and have some fruit for dessert. I got some beautiful Beurre Bosc pears today. :p I'm also upping the water and green veg today, just to give this fluid an extra nudge.

Back to the washing and gardening.....

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Fit to shop

FINALLY. I went out yesterday and bought just a few things.....

Added to what I have already, this lot should see me all set for just about anything. I tossed up whether to get an Olympic or standard bar - many of my clients couldn't lift an Olympic bar, even without any plates. But Bike Boy likes the heft of the big bar and so do I, really. Then I remembered that I have a five-foot bar already, with a few standard plates, so that should cover all requirements. Given that the thing is seven feet long, it's a good thing I have a nice big room.

I might add another cable handle or two and maybe a pair of Olympic dumbbell handles, which I can use with the plates. Since you pay per kg, those hex dumbbells are expensive, once you start getting past the 10kg mark....

The guys at Fitness Choice gave a me a hefty trade discount, and threw in free delivery too. Now I just have to wait (impatiently) for a call to say it's all ready to drop off. That should be later this week, or early next week at worst.

Thursday, April 09, 2009


I have at least a billion blog posts in my brain somewhere, but you know what? I can't think of a single one right now.

It's Easter tomorrow and I have all of next week off from the boring old office. It's also only 7 more sleeps till Filex. Woohoo!! Right now I'm about to drag Bike Boy off to watch a DVD (which we'll probably fall asleep in front of, because we're such old farts).

Have a happy Easter y'all. I know I've posted this before, but it tickles me...

(Sorry DG, I know it's not a Red Tulip bunny)

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


I have no idea where the past few days went. Seems I was working in the garden, training clients, washing piles of clothes, writing some programs, cooking, running errands, organising some new online clients, driving kids here and there, filing, doing my books, finding a little time to spend with the family and sleeping, and suddenly it's Tuesday. How'd that happen?

Phew. I have been busy. Something's missing though. What is that? *thinks*

Oh. That's it: training. I have done ZERO training. Yikes!

See, this is what happens when I get busy. Extra clients to train? No problem, I think; I'll fit them in early in the morning. Except, um ...that's where I do my own training. *sigh* I have this feeling of deja vu. Every time life gets hectic, it's MY needs that get pushed to the side. You'd think I'd have learned this lesson by now.

Right, no excuses, I'm off to do a quick resistance-plus-cardio session right now. 30 minutes is all I need. I can find that much time.


Friday, April 03, 2009

Doing my bit

The current economic crisis is affecting just about everybody in some way. We're OK, but like most people, have been hit by massive price increases in everything from food, to gas and electricity, to household goods, school name it.

We've crunched some numbers and made a few changes here, a couple of cuts there, in an effort to make sure we don't end up going backwards. Simple stuff like renegotiating the phone plan to a cheaper deal, buying more no-name brand products, and picking up bargain shampoo and cleaning products at the Reject Shop all help in small ways. I don't have any great financial wisdom to share - just the usual stuff that you can read about in any "how to pay off your mortgage in five minutes flat and be a millionaire by age 40" type of publication. Hmm, come to think of it, I went very wrong somewhere - I'm still not a millionaire....

My personal contribution to the household pull-in-your-belt effort is this: I've pledged to buy no new clothes this year. None at all.* When I first shed all my blubber I indulged a serious shopping addiction that lasted for several years. Consequently, I now have more clothes than a small third-world nation. My walk in robe is exploding under the pressure (and we have his-and-hers WIRs, so that's a fair bit of space).

So while I'm sure I'll see things I want around the shops, I can't imagine that it will actually be anything I need. I've got through the first three months of the year and so far, no sign of withdrawal symptoms....

This could get interesting.

*Underwear, socks and essential footwear (especially sports shoes) are exempted.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Some people will do ANYTHING for a Cherry Ripe

Like fly 10,000 miles for a lunch date....

Lunch was lovely - apart from the fact that even a very loooong lunch is way too short a time to spend in the company of blogger legend (and published author) Shauna.

And yes, she did get the promised Cherry Ripe. And I got my book signed.....

Legs & Lunching

Legs today - wasn't bad; wasn't great. My back is a wee bit achey. *pouts* In my quest for more sleep, I made the decision to ditch most of my prehab exercises for a week or so, which I so do not regret. back is clearly telling me it's time to stop dicking around and just get with the program. Alright, already! I get the message!

Anyway, that's training done. I'll try to squeeze in a walk tonight. Daylight saving ends this coming weekend, so I'd better make the most of it while I have it.

I'm full of oats and about to go pack some snacks for the office. I'm not packing my lunch today though, I'll be winging it. But that's because I'll be in the company of Shauna - we'll try not to eat our own weight in Violet Crumbles or anything silly like that. Probably a good thing she wasn't with me when I discovered the Easter Egg factory outlet last weekend. After years in exile, being surrounded by Red Tulip bunnies and Cherry Ripe boxed eggs might have been too much for the old willpower...

Looking forward to lunch with Dietgirl! Eeeeeeeeee!!