Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Attitude adjustment

This week didn't start well. I've been mopey, tired and just not in the mood for training or eating well. Not in the mood? Since when does that ever matter? Isn't that the point of living a fit and healthy life; you just do it anyway, even when you don't feel like it?

To add to my already sucky mood, Bike Boy is away on business for most of the week, so that means that I can't indulge my inner princess and just expect dinner to materialise in front of me at the appropriate time.


So this afternoon, after being a whiney cry-baby on the phone to my beloved about what a crappy week I was having, I had a "moment". I couldn't stand my own moaning any longer - I seriously wanted to give myself a good slap and shout: Hey! Snap OUT of it! That might have raised a few eyebrows though, so I took myself off for a walk in the fresh (freezing) air and bought this at Smiggle:

Then I left work early, threw some meat in the microwave to defrost while I made a strong coffee and got changed, and did a 30-minute cardio workout. I cooked dinner: schnitzels, chips and veggies for the kids, a chicken stir-fry with lots of veg for me, with extra serves to go in the fridge, of course. I ordered the junior minions to take care of the dishes, answered a couple of emails and then did the upper body workout that I should have done this morning.

Next on the agenda is a shower, warm PJs and some TV time with The Baby.

That's me back on track. :o)

I also bought this cute little guy. He goes well with my elephant quote....

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Trixie said...

I was having one of those days too! Lately I like you could really use a good kick in the a**! I've been having sort of a pity party for myself,why it's so hard..why do I have to eat well..blah..blah..blah. I NEED to take myself less seriously. I also need to relate there are people out there with bigger problems then me. So,I hear ya!

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