Friday, April 03, 2009

Doing my bit

The current economic crisis is affecting just about everybody in some way. We're OK, but like most people, have been hit by massive price increases in everything from food, to gas and electricity, to household goods, school name it.

We've crunched some numbers and made a few changes here, a couple of cuts there, in an effort to make sure we don't end up going backwards. Simple stuff like renegotiating the phone plan to a cheaper deal, buying more no-name brand products, and picking up bargain shampoo and cleaning products at the Reject Shop all help in small ways. I don't have any great financial wisdom to share - just the usual stuff that you can read about in any "how to pay off your mortgage in five minutes flat and be a millionaire by age 40" type of publication. Hmm, come to think of it, I went very wrong somewhere - I'm still not a millionaire....

My personal contribution to the household pull-in-your-belt effort is this: I've pledged to buy no new clothes this year. None at all.* When I first shed all my blubber I indulged a serious shopping addiction that lasted for several years. Consequently, I now have more clothes than a small third-world nation. My walk in robe is exploding under the pressure (and we have his-and-hers WIRs, so that's a fair bit of space).

So while I'm sure I'll see things I want around the shops, I can't imagine that it will actually be anything I need. I've got through the first three months of the year and so far, no sign of withdrawal symptoms....

This could get interesting.

*Underwear, socks and essential footwear (especially sports shoes) are exempted.


Cinders said...

Good luck, you're much braver than me. I can never resist the "it was only $20" type purchase.

little rene said...

I am hearing you Kek!

A large part of the reason that I have commited to losing weight and getting back to where I used to be is the fact that I have STACKS of great clothes that are just sitting in my wardrobe at the moment collecting dust!

A few more kilos and I will actually be wearing ALL of my clothes not just a few of them :)

Kathryn said...

But we're supposed to be stimulating the economy. Shopping is good! It creates jobs and stuff.

Kek said...

Ha! Kathryn, I'm stimulating MY own personal micro-economy.

Kelly Olexa said...

I'm so with you....and I agree with little rene- losing this fat so I can fit into ALL the clothes in my closet! No need for new ones!

gypsy77 said...

Great idea Kek!

I'm sort of doing the same. I did a huge clean out of my wardrobe and I still have 11 pairs of jeans I couldnt part with.

Took all my stuff to the Salvo's and bought a cute top and another pair of jeans!

So thats my new rule....can only buy clothes from the salvo's.

SeLiNa said...

Ahh-huh! Good luck with that at the LJ stand at Filex!!!!!!!!
tee hee ;)

Kek said...

Nuh-uh....not going NEAR that stand. Tie me down if I even look like going there.

Sara said...

I have rediscovered Op Shops and the stalls at the market. Plus, there's something very 'green' about recycling and re-using. And I've picked up some really intersting stuff...unfortunately I'm still a sucker for anything with sparkly bits, so mostly it's cool, sparkly clothes that should appeal to any girl (under the age of 10). :/

Em said...

Good on you hun!
Every little bit helps :)

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