Thursday, April 23, 2009

Getting organised

Staying on top of things in my office is something I struggle with. There's client work, business admin stuff, education stuff (gotta stay up to date with exercise and nutrition) and family bits and pieces (bills, school forms, receipts, reports, plus files relating to house-building and so on). I hate not being to find the exact thing I need, but like a lot of busy people, it's hard to make the time for filing, let alone for setting up systems that work in the first place.

Consequently I have big bursts of Aargh!! I have to organise this stuff! and I cruise along for a while before I begin to be buried in a sea of paperwork again.

So, since I'm getting my studio set up - and my office is in an alcove at one end of the studio - I'm taking the opportunity to turn over a new leaf. I've ditched my horrible old desk and bought new tables and bookcases and shelves from IKEA. I've just won an eBay bid on a handy pedestal drawer unit to go under the desk - why pay $200+ for new when you can get a perfectly good second hand job for $40? And yesterday I called into Smiggle for some handy - and pretty - storage boxes and tins.

I also discovered that Kikki K run organisation workshops, so I'm planning to get myself to one of those. And they sell pretty stuff too. Who wants to settle for functional, when you can have pretty and functional? Besides, I spend so much time at my desk, I may as well make it a pleasant place to work.

My new equipment arrives this afternoon, and I'm not very excited about that. Deliriously happy, maybe - but excited? Nah....

I'll post up some photos of the finished product - it might be a few days. There are a few things to assemble.


ss2306 said...

Yeah - know the feeling. My filing gets piled up in a heap until one day it's 10 inches high and I have to get it filed. At least I know if I'm looking for something it'll be in the pile. Now - where was that bill I had to pay??

Michelle said...

I love getting new office stuff!
Have you read David Allen's "getting things done" it's the ultimate for getting through those piles.

Kek said...

Michelle, Bike Boy swears by that book and tried to get me to read it, but it was SO boring!

He uses it and it works well for him, but I need to find my own way of doing things. :o)

Cherub said...

My desk is the same, spend hours today tidying it up and tomorrow it's a mess again. - And worse I have to share with Jon. I need my own space!

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