Thursday, April 30, 2009

Good thinking, 99

Is it hard to get up in the mornings? Does getting ready to train seem like way too much trouble?

The solution: sleep in your workout clothes.


Anonymous said...

You're too funny Kek. LOL!! But practical. I've actually done it for work when time is off the esence. :o)

Anonymous said...

i've done that for years myselfs.

when i was a professional backpacker and i worked in an office i used to sleep in my work clothes for the same reason.

more likely to get up after marathon drinking session the night before and make it to work before lunchtime.

i got DCM'd a lot for looking like...i'd slept in my clothes.


MTB Girl said...

That sounds like a great idea....but I'd either be too hot or cold....and I don't think it would be comfortable to sleep in knicks!

little rene said...

Ha! I do that all of the time! It's especially useful when you have to get up to a baby in the wee hours. Just give her a bottle and then straight on the treadmill. No getting cold ;)

Sara said...

Mmmm, sexy! Good for your workout, bad for your sex life. ;)

Kathryn said...

The shoes are a killer though... not so comfy to sleep in.

Cherub said...

I was going to say I love this idea, but it seems I am well behind the game. Still love it though!

Charlotte Orr said...

Been there, done that - it's great when you don't want to get changed on cold mornings! Not so great if your pets sleep with you and you end up covered in fur, LOL.

Sairs said...

You need to add a service to your business Kek.
Personal training - check
Nutrition programs - check
Practical solutions for every problem - check!!

With thinking like this, I'm voting you in for PM in the next election.

Jehanne said...

ahhahahahah love it

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