Monday, April 13, 2009

Guilt-driven workouts

I managed to sleep undisturbed this morning till after 7:00 - there was no rush to get up since the gym didn't open till 9:00 anyway. So after lying there for half an hour, I got up and headed out for a lovely peaceful 45-minute walk. It was only around 10 degrees, but the sun was warming up, and there was barely a soul around. Just lots of birds and a few roos. I love public holidays!

By the time I faffed around, having breakfast and so on, I got to the gym a bit late, close to 10:00am. I've never seen the car park so full! I remarked to the guy at the front desk that there must have been a LOT of chocolate eaten yesterday. ;o) It was insane inside....people running on treadmills, puffing on ellipticals, as well as the usual big boys heaving too-heavy dumbbells around with really bad form.

I see this all the time after Christmas, New Year, Easter. Suddenly the gym is packed, as people who've overindulged cram in to carry out the fitness version of self-flagellation. Guilt, misery and self-loathing abound, you can almost feel it.

I've had more than a little chocolate these past few days, and the odd hot cross bun, but guilt isn't even on my horizon. I'm just sticking my oar in, as Liz would say, paddling away as usual today - nothing out of the ordinary. There's a bit of carb-bloat to get rid of, and the scales are up about 1kg, but sensible, normal eating will take care of that.

Besides, all those people I see killing themselves at the gym only last a day or two at most and they're not seen again till the next holiday. A bit of moderation and consistency would go a lot further.

So I managed to put in a smashing upper body session, then headed home for a souffle omelette. Yum! Today's goodies have included:

1. Oats, whey, skim milk. Ran out of walnuts, dammit!
2. Passionfruit souffle omelette
3. Roast chicken, roast potato & sweet potato, broccolini and some salad. And two juicy dates for "dessert"
4. Cottage cheese, banana and chocolate whey

Dinner looks like being home-made souvlaki. I'll probably skip the bread and have some fruit for dessert. I got some beautiful Beurre Bosc pears today. :p I'm also upping the water and green veg today, just to give this fluid an extra nudge.

Back to the washing and gardening.....

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SeLiNa said...

HAHA!! I just happened to be one of those people going a little bit crazier after the indulgences of the weekend. BUT, at least I go every day :P

My oar is on high speed, watch out!

Three sleeps for me, four for you!!!

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