Thursday, April 30, 2009


I figured out today that I have clearly been in a coma for the past three months or so, but nobody's game to tell me. I must have lapsed into unconsciousness somewhere around ANZAC Day and have woken up in the middle of July. Or maybe August.

It's the only possible explanation for this morning's sub-zero temperature, the thick layer of frost on the ground, and the fact that THE SKI RUNS ARE OPENING AT MOUNT BULLER IN TWO DAYS' TIME.

This is NOT April, no way. Come on - who's messing with me? Fess up, it's not funny any more. *pouts*


Anonymous said...

I know, it's insane isn't it. We've skipped autumn and gone straight to winter Kek. :o(

Fifi said...

brrrr....well at least you've HAD a change in season. It's still sunny and 28C here in Perth! I want to wear coats!

Clara said...

It's not April. It's almost May. :)


Raechelle said...

The nights are chilly here too-I had to actually put a blanket on the bed....Oh, woops-you were talking about coooold weather-sorry, can't relate...LOL! I'm being a little naughty I know-can't help myself-this is the start of the only 3 months of pleasant weather in the tropics! Maybe you should move north for a while!

Kek said...

No thanks Raechelle....I love the warm weather, but moving my family and friends would be a bit tricky.


Sara said...

I bought a hottie that has a teddy bear cover and this makes the nights bearable (*snort*). You know.. it's like a hollow teddy bear and you fill the hottie and stuff it into his insides. It's a brutal process but worth it. It must be cold. The cats have overcome their differences so that they can all sleep on the bed or sit close to the heater.

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