Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Seven things that sucked about today

1. Bike Boy snored incessantly last night, resulting in my getting nowhere near enough sleep.

2. I took the first mouthful of my porridge, and THEN discovered that the use-by date on the milk was several days ago.

3. I went to work. On my day off.

4. It was a gloriously sunny day and I was stuck inside.

5. I got my flu vax this morning, and my arm hurts like a mofo.

6. I didn't pack enough food for the day and now I'm starving.

7. I'm way too exhausted to train.


ss2306 said...

Suck it up princess!! (lol)

Doing the hard yards myself today but holdin' on to love to save my life.

Fifi said...

nooooo! Tomorrow HAS to be better :)

SeLiNa said...

Well yes, bad luck does come in sevens!! ;P
Hope tomorrow's a better one for ya :)

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