Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Slight change of plans

That tidying up and filing I was going to do? It didn't happen. Nor did most of the emails get answered, the washing get folded or any cleaning get done other than a cursory sweeping of floors and a quick dunny-cleaning before afternoon visitors arrived.

No, I wasn't sucked into an internet time-warp. Bike Boy was doing a good deed, mowing my mother's lawn, when he had an altercation with the sharp corner of a brick wall. The wall won.

He stumbled on an uneven concrete edge and lost his balance, falling backwards and whacking the back of his head on the wall. The result was a nasty scalp laceration that I really didn't like the look of. He thought it would be OK, I wasn't so sure. In the end, I had to take a photo of it and download it to my computer to show him before he'd concede that yes, he might actually need medical attention. It's not that he's afraid of doctors, he just hates the time-wasting that inevitably accompanies an emergency visit...

The doc applied superglue, gave him a tetanus shot and sent us on our way. As we were driving home, he didn't seem to appreciate my quip about Humpty Dumpty being put back together again.


Unknown said...

Oh Poor bike boy! Hope, unlike poor humpty, that he's all stuck together again!!

Raechelle said...

Yeeouch! And that pride will take same time to heal too... :-)

Thanks for sharing that cardio session down below...I'm tucking it away in my file to use soon!

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