Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fit to travel

So I went away for the weekend – three days, to be exact. A couple of people have asked me how I managed food whilst away. Did I take my scales, my measuring cups and spoons, and furiously log everything in Calorie King? Did I cook up a storm in my hotel room?

Nope. I’m not competing at the moment, just maintaining, so I simply trusted myself to make mostly good choices, but relax a little more than usual if I felt like it.

I took some breakfast supplies, and that’s all the preparation I did. Just for the record, those instant oats with the protein and flavourings added don’t do it for me. They taste pretty good, but in terms of satisfaction, are a bit like eating a bowl of nothing. I commented to Liz after I’d finished brekky on Saturday that it didn’t even touch the sides. A second breakfast was definitely required!

Lunches and snacks were managed from what was available at the expo cafeteria or a nearby small supermarket. Second breakfasts were eggs, veggies and toast, or a variation thereof, at a waterside café. Dinners were very enjoyable restaurant meals, ordered straight from the menu. I chose carefully, but there was no fussing over what the chef had or hadn't put in the dish.

I also had an ice cream, a piece of fudge (that was disappointing, it was far too sickly. I should have gone for chocolate instead), three glasses of wine and I think a small chocolate treat snuck in there too. *thinks* Plus samples of this and that, and a whole bag of some really delicious nut snacks. Portion sizes were all guesstimates, but I know I ate more than usual overall.

Training-wise, I did two practical sessions at Filex: a killer BOSU/stability ball session that involved a lot of cardio, and a fairly low-key advanced resistance training one. And walking. LOTS of walking. That was it.

On Monday I jumped on the scales and they were up 2.0kg. That was totally expected. I could see I was holding extra fluid. But some impressive drops in the past three days have put me right back where I was last Thursday before I left. And I’ve achieved that without doing anything different than usual with my food or training. If anything, training has consisted of less volume and intensity than normal.

I feel like I’m becoming more and more in tune with my body and how it reacts to nutritional changes. It’s an interesting and mostly fun experiment. :o)


Anonymous said...

Was SO LOVELY bumping into you and Selina! SO GOOD!!!! You are just gorgeous in "real life" - i am certain we shall meet again soon xx

ss2306 said...

Unlike me who weighed and measured every morsel that entered my mouth. But it got me where I need to go - 1.1 kg's down since last week - woohoo!

Kek said...

Aww, thanks Fern, it was great to finally meet "The Tank" in person. You're so not huge - well, only in a good way. ;o)

LOL Shelley, I'm not competing in four weeks....just plodding away here.

Anonymous said...

oh i totally agree regarding those little bags of total uncle toby's "cocaine". that is what i call it anyway! it totally has the consistency of cocaine and the sugar-hit feels that same too.

it's CRAP for breakfast. good with tequila...



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