Thursday, May 28, 2009


The scene: Our house, 7:00am

Me: I've got no internet. I already reset the router twice and rebooted once. Can you have a quick look?

Bike Boy: *fiddles around* *clicks on stuff* I think the router's dead.

Me: Oh. Great.

Bike Boy: Yeah, what are the kids going to do, stuck at home all day, with no internet?

Me: .......... They have a PS3, an X-Box and a Wii. A thousand DVDs and a massive bloody TV. We survived with no internet. All we had was a stick and a marble and WE MANAGED TO AMUSE OURSELVES.

How to win the war

Winning a war doesn't usually depend on the outcome of one BIG mofo of a battle. It's a long, painful, tedious series of smaller battles, slowly chipping away at the enemy, pushing their front line back further and further, until one day, you've liberated Poland. Or whatever your goal may have been.

Physique goals are a bit like that too. You set your sights on the (big) outcome you want, but to get there, you have to fight a lot of small battles along the way. Each one you win gets you a teensy step closer to declaring victory. Sometimes you lose a battle, or at least declare a truce for a short while. You haven't lost the war, but you might have to retreat and come up with a new strategy for your next attack.

Keeping sight of the big picture is important, but so is acknowledging the small wins along the way.

Today's battle went like this:

I had a bad, BAD night's sleep. After a pretty undisturbed night on Tuesday, I thought I was safe to attempt sleeping actually lying down, so I ditched the umpteen pillows I've been propping myself up on and - ah, bliss! - settled down horizontally for the night. Ha! Stoopid.

I woke with a blocked-up nose and nasty dry mouth approximately eleventy-thousand times during the night. So when my alarm went off at 5:30, there was no WAY I was getting up. Sheesh. You can't train on no sleep, let alone get through the day. I hit snooze and dozed. The alarm went off again nine minutes later. Once again, I hit snooze. Then I lay there and had a mental argument with myself.

Gah! I need sleep.
But you need to train.
But I need sleep. I can reset the alarm for 7:00 and get another hour and a bit.
You know you won't sleep. Might as well get up.
Noooooo! Don't wanna!
You already missed four days of training thanks to surgery. Don't waste an opportunity.
Shut UP.
Come, on you'll feel better after.
La-la-la...not listening!
Do you wanna be FABulous or FLABulous?
Eff off!

I lie there awake and grumpy for a minute or two. *sigh* I get up and do my leg workout.

My inner athlete won that round.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

And.....she's back!

FINALLY, last night I began to feel vaguely human again. I'm fed up with sitting around feeling miserable, so thank goodness that's over!

5 days on, and not a nosebleed on the horizon, so looks like this little op was spectacularly successful. :o) Let's hope I get as good a run as last time: 21 months between procedures is the best I've managed so far. This doc is good.

Yesterday afternoon, I dragged myself out of the house for a walk. Half an hour at a fairly slow pace and I was wiped out. *sigh* But this morning, I was up just after 5:30 to hit the weights, and I felt really strong and reasonably energetic. I think I actually slept all night, or close to it - first time since last Thursday.

I'll take myself out for a short walk at lunchtime and should manage a quick cardio workout tonight, assuming I don't fall in a heap after my first day back at work. That's the plan, Stan!

Feeling good, looking a bit puffy and squidgy, but that's nothing some focus and effort can't fix.


No sign of swine flu so far - the kids are home for the rest of the week, thanks to the school shutting down; hopefully it'll re-open on Monday. They'll be a bit stir-crazy by then, no doubt. The teachers are helpfully emailing homework to The Middle Child, since mid-year exams are looming for Year 11. He's really happy about that. LOL.

The Baby wasn't impressed that I put a ban on a movie trip, or any other excursion at the moment. If one of them does happen to have picked up the virus (unlikely), I don't think anyone will thank us for letting them loose at the shops and cinema to spread it around....

Monday, May 25, 2009


I'm still tidying and organising things here - and I came across a box of equipment I'd almost forgotten about. I have two surplus pairs of these fantastic Punch coach mitts. They're ideal for partner work, because they're a glove and focus pad in one. No need to stop and wrestle with gloves and pads to swap over when you want to change from hitting to holding.

I bought extras of these a couple of years back, when I thought I might train small groups - but it turned out that group training just isn't my thing, I much prefer training one-on-one or couples at most. So I have two pairs of these, unused, still in their plastic bags, complete with tissue paper.

They retail for around $90 a pair, but I'm practically giving them away at $100 for both pairs. If you're interested, just email me.

I still have the DVDs and a couple of books available too, so don't be shy...

Will the excitement EVER stop?

I've been lying low, since I feel like a trampled dog turd and I prefer not to inflict my misery on everyone else. Except my family: they just have to suffer. :o)

Somehow, I always forget just how bad the after-effects of nasal cautery actually are. Glossing over the nasties, let's just say I haven't exactly been a little ray of sunshine. Sleep would be a really good thing, if I could only get some.

On top of that, we have two children with head colds and a swine flu scare at The Baby's school (which is freaking Bike Boy out way more than me ....he's following the kids around with a thermometer. Seriously).

So my weekend has been fabulous. How about yours?


On the plus side, it IS our twenty-fourth wedding anniversary today, and Bike Boy cooked me a Chinese banquet on Saturday night, because Monday is a really crap day to have any kind of celebration.

What did I give him? The pleasure of my sunny company. Ha!


Training is not happening and probably won't till Wednesday the way I'm going. I optimistically thought I'd be back to it today....yep. Not happening.

I'm about to go loll around on the couch again with some Buffy DVDs. Life's not all bad, see?

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The prescription:

Equipment required:
1 comfy couch
1 fake-fur blankie
1 laptop
1 TV
4 DVDs
1 new magazine
1 pair reading glasses

Mix the above with a liberal dose of peace and quiet (a.k.a. locking oneself in the Retreat) and do not move for the afternoon.

If Panadol, water, coffee or food is required, summon a minion to deliver it stat.


I slept badly, I have a headache, my face is flushed and hot and my nose is so swollen it's just stopped working altogether. Yep, all just as expected.

I'll be back to training on Monday and hopefully back to more or less normal in a week. "The cranky" though? That might last a bit longer....

Friday, May 22, 2009

Day off

I don't have to be anywhere today, I have no clients booked and Bike Boy is taking the boys to school. But I was still up before seven. Why? Well, I only have a small window of opportunity for eating today, and I'm not wasting it. LOL.

This afternoon I'm booked in for my nasal cautery, which my specialist does under general anaesthetic, so that means the dreaded F-word: FASTING.

Luckily, his Friday surgical list starts in the afternoon and the private hospital where I'm having it done doesn't require me to be there till 12:30pm. So I get to have breakfast, and second breakfast, as long as I'm all done by 10:00am.

Yes, everything really IS all about the food in my world...

The procedure is no big deal and hospital stuff doesn't bother me at all - when you get to your fourteenth surgery, you get kind of blase about it. The recovery though? That, I'll be moaning about for several days. Bike Boy is really looking forward to a week or two of me whinging and complaining.

So, I'm looking forward to a nice deep sleep this arvo, and a *crosses fingers* respite from the horrendous nosebleeds for at least a few months.

And I'm pretty sure there are no mice in the hospital.

Killer mice

Me: Eeeeeeeeek! A MOUSE!!! It ran into the linen cupboard!!

Runs into The Baby's room, slams the door shut (yeah, like they can't get under a door...) and jumps onto the bed.

The Baby is looking at me like I've lost my mind.

Me: What? WHAT?

Me: They CAN kill you, you know.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Stepping up

I've had a week or two of challenges, but THANK GOODNESS, my bad mood seems to have mostly dissipated, Finally.

On several mornings recently, it was very tempting to just stay in bed with the blankets pulled over my head, but you know, what's that going to achieve? Sometimes life runs along smoothly and it's oh-so-easy to stick to your training and nutrition plans. Other times, things get a bit bumpy.

Those bumpy times are the test of how committed you really are to living a healthy lifestyle. What do you do when everything is dragging you down and you feel as though it's just a hopeless situation? You might as well just surrender, sit on the couch and eat pizza...

I've had a bit of that sort of inner dialogue going on lately. But I was reminded of the old donkey-in-the-well fable. You know the one? In case you don't, it goes like this:

Once upon a time there was a farmer who had an old mule. The mule fell into a deep dry well and began to cry loudly. Hearing his mule cry, the farmer came over and assessed the situation. The well was deep and the mule was heavy. He knew it would be difficult, if not impossible, to lift the animal out.

Because the mule was old and the well was dry, the farmer decided to bury the animal in the well. In this way he could solve two problems: put the old mule out of his misery and have his well filled.

He called upon his neighbors to help him and they agreed to help. To work they went. Shovel full of dirt after shovel full of dirt began to fall on the mule’s back. He became hysterical. Then all of a sudden an idea came to the mule. Each time they would throw a shovel full of dirt on his back he could shake it off and step up. Shovel full after shovel full, the mule would shake it off and step up. Now exhausted and dirty, but quite alive, the mule stepped over the top of the well and walked through the crowd.

My shovels full of dirt have been lack of sleep, crabby hormonal moodiness, cold cruddy weather, my worsening nosebleeds and a few other things. Nothing major, but the combination has been ehough to tip my mental balance from Try and stop me to Ah, whatever, just hand me that chocolate.

Not any more. I'm shaking it off and stepping up. Just call me Eeyore. Oh wait. He's the negative one, right? Perhaps I'll be Pooh then. Or maybe Piglet....


I still have some stuff for sale, so if you need a new book to inspire you, or a change in your workout routine, go have a browse.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Everything must go!

Well, not quite everything. BUT, in the course of organising my office (still not quite finished...), I've had to cull some surplus bits and pieces. Lots of fitness magazines have been turfed, and at least a couple of cubic metres of paper shredded.

More to the point, I've decided to part with a few things that I'm not really using, so I'm offering them to the blog world, before I put them up on eBay.

Here's what I'm clearing out:

DVD - Amy Bento Abs & Stretch. This one, I simply don't use. There's nothing wrong with it,it's just not me. It contains two ab workouts and two stretching workouts, so plenty of variety. Price $25.00

DVD - Amy Bento Hi/Lo Extreme. Yup. Not me again. I'm so not a cardio queen... GREAT workout though, and there are three different mixes to choose from. Price $25.00

I have a spare Precision Nutrition Version 2 kit. Version 3 is now out, but the principles remain the same. This is a really sound nutrition approach, and the basis of what I do myself when it comes to food. It includes a great cookbook too. It's a steal at $140 - on today's exchange rate, the current kit plus international postage works out to around $190.

The rest are all books. Numero Uno is The Beck Diet Solution by Judith S Beck. This isn't a diet, but rather an approach to make long-term change to the way you think about food. It's all based around cognitive therapy, and is a six-week program that claims to train your brain to "think like a thin person". Price $20.00

I also have a couple of Donna Aston's books; Fat or Fiction, and Losing It.

Price: $15.00

Price: $20.00

These are a couple of my favourites, Champions Body for LIFE, which was only published last year:

Price: $35.00

and a Body for LIFE Success Journal. I loved my journals when I did my BFL challenges, they made it so easy to keep track of my progress and helped me stay accountable.

Price: $30.00

Why am I getting rid of these books? In some cases, I've ended up with two copies, and in others, I've got what I wanted from them, and don't feel the need to hang onto them forever.

Prices include standard postage to anywhere within Australia. If you want to snap yourself up a bargain, email me.

P.S. If you're interested in more than one item, contact me and I can work out a price, as postage will probably cost less.

Hmm, which one?

This morning at 6:00am it was 10C inside the house. Yikes! It was also foggy outside. Oh - and dark.

Bike Boy headed off in his winter cycling jacket, leg warmers, full gloves and with a beanie under his helmet. I put on track pants, a tank top and a hoodie, walked to the back of the house, and did my back and triceps workout. I didn't even bother to comb my hair.

Guess who I'd rather be?


I actually slept like a log last night, and (Gee: surprise!) I feel a million times better this morning.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Bah! and Blah!

Yes, the bad mood continues....I simply could not pull myself out of it on the weekend. That led to a bit of not-so-great eating (uh-oh), which of course only added to my ill-humour. I had more sleep last night, but it was still interrupted, and I woke up feeling like crud this morning, so blew off my training. *sigh*

THAT (of course) put me in an even worse mood. Finding that my pants were tighter didn't help... thank you, fluid bloat. Bah!

I've hauled myself back on course - a 30-minute walk at lunchtime, an early finish so I could do a killer 50 minutes on the spin bike and a day of tasty and healthy food has made a huge difference.

Tomorrow is all mapped out - training and food - so I expect some reasonably smooth terrain. We'll see...

Perhaps a lobotomy might be helpful?

Saturday, May 16, 2009

How to cure a bad mood

Yesterday sucked for no reason at all, other than being a bit tired and probably hormonal. Whatever, it was no fun for me, and probably less for my family. So my plan was to have a good night's sleep last night, and hope that today would be better.

Yeah, about that sleep thing.... between Bike Boy's snoring, my nose bleeding, then totally blocking up - oh, and there was the really irritating whistling thing it was doing too - I might have got 5 hours or so in between interruptions. Blah. I woke up SUPER grumpy - not what I'd planned on.

I could have indulged my inner misery-guts, and moped around being a pain in the butt. Instead, I made a snap decision to go to the gym straight after I finished with my 9:00am client. A change in routine, yeah - that's what I needed!

I trained chest and biceps (awesome!), did a little posing, and then decided to do some cardio too. The housework could wait a bit longer's still waiting.

I did another of my improvised on the spot workouts:

Quick warm up on treadmill, then run for 5 minutes.
10 bench jumps, then 10 pushups with feet on a medicine ball
Run 5 minutes
Walking lunges with med ball rotation for the length of the room, then "running man" with hands on bench x 50.
Run 5 minutes
Jump on a spin bike and do hill climbs - 30 seconds standing, 30 seconds seated, 30 seconds recovery - repeat x 5
Back on the treadmill, brisk walk for 2 minutes to let HR descend from redline to just FAST.
Slow treadmill and do walking lunges 1 minute, followed by side shuffle 30 seconds each side.
Normal walk to cool down.

The flood of endorphins is doing a nice job of banishing my grumpiness. Let's hope it lasts all day....

Friday, May 15, 2009

Recipe alert!

I'm on a roll with recipes; two in two days! :p

The new slow cooker is possibly the best gadget I've bought in a long while. I think this is the beginning of a long winter love affair. Today I got all creative and came up with Casablanca Chicken.

Bike Boy gave it the thumbs-up, and has plans to make me beef and potato curry, beef Marrakesh, goulash, osso bucco ...anyone seeing a bovine trend here? *rolls eyes* My iron levels are FINE!

Anyway, I think you can expect more casseroles over the coming weeks.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Recipe alert!

The cupboard and freezer were a bit bare tonight - supplies are a little run down at the moment and we desperately need to do some shopping on the weekend. So....what to cook for dinner?

After looking in the freezer for the seventeenth time and discovering that a gourmet four-course, just-heat-and-serve meal hadn't materialised after all, I had to come up with Plan B, and fast. Hungry boys were getting more than a little restless.... The kitchen freezer contained not a lot more than two sausages and a heap of hamburgers. I threw those in a pan, plonked them on a plate accompanied by a pair of tongs, a bottle of tomato sauce and half a loaf of bread, and announced that they were having "indoor barbeque" for dinner. I'm a genius. ;o)

What to cook for Bike Boy and I was a bit trickier. We had four kinds of mince in the garage freezer, a bag of frozen beans in the indoor freezer and some dried bean thread vermicelli up the back of the pantry. I put on my thinking cap and in less than half an hour came up with:

Chicken mince with noodles and green beans.

Tummy and taste buds are satisfied, Bike Boy asked for an extra helping, and there's leftovers for his lunch tomorrow. Win!


I acquired a new gadget today - a slow cooker. I'm expecting some fab recipes from Sara now. Come on, share.... I know you're experienced at this slow stuff.

It's one of these - BIG and shiny:

Tomorrow I plan to have a go at a Moroccan tagine. Chicken. Spices, apricots, some almonds perhaps. Maybe with chick peas. I'll report back.

Legs? .....What legs?

I needed a new weights program this week, so I hunted through my old program stuff from Miss Liz and picked out a favourite. At least I thought it was a favourite, until I actually DID the leg workout this morning.

Was I insane? That routine is just plain cruel! LOL.

I had to do a bit of improvisation, given that I don't have a leg press or a leg curl machine handy, but since I can't feel my legs now, I figure it did the job.

Today's menu included:

High-rep squats with one heavy dumbbell
Heavy, HEAVY single-leg cycling (that was a bit of inspired thinking!)
Bulgarian split squat with a heavy DB
Stability ball single leg hamstring curls
Some rolling planks

Doesn't sound like much, but MAN! I was having major second thoughts about the cycling thing before the end of the first set. Those suckers are tough. Had to actually back off the resistance to get through the third set.

Now, why did I think that was a favourite again?


I'm quite enjoying being creative with my training. I can handle most things with my home set-up, but it's challenging to come up with alternatives for some exercises. It must be good for the grey matter!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Also. This morning I rigged up a fabulous assisted pull-up gizmo using my power rack and a resistance band.

I'm a genius!

OK, so I stole the idea from somewhere or other..... Anyway, if you have a bar at home or at a nearby park and want to try it, it goes something like this:

(See, Linda, those "wussy" bands are AWESOME)

So my upper body workout went like this:

Chin ups (unassisted)
Chin ups (assisted)
Incline bench press
Reverse flyes
Inverted rows
Tri push downs
Incline hammer curls

Can't wait to test out my invention on a client or two.... :o)


Yesterday I apparently woke up with a personality disorder. There can be no other explanation for my sudden desire to DO THE IRONING. Whaaaat? Ironing? Me?

I figured since it rarely (never) happens, I should just go with it, and worked like a demon to get through:

7 shirts, blouses and tops (mine)
1 short-sleeved cardigan** (mine)
1 pair of pants (mine)
1 LBD (obviously, mine)
7 casual shirts (Bike Boy's)
1 business shirt (Bike Boy's)
At least 20 hankies (Bike Boy's)
4 more shirts (Number One Son's)
Yet another shirt (The Middle Child's)

Nothing for The Baby. He is officially now my favourite child.

So, you know that no-shopping pledge of mine? Who needs new clothes anyway? I now have a wardrobe full of stuff I'd forgotten I even owned.

Today I'm happy to report that all desire to do anything vaguely domestic has vanished. Phew. Back to normal.

**I know exactly how long THIS has been in the ironing basket - I wore it to The Oaks last year. *hangs head*

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Saturday, May 09, 2009

All change!

Today I was scheduled to do a leg workout. I got up, decided to have breakfast first, faffed around a bit and realised that time was marching on. Better get this thing happening!

But, the thing was....I didn't feel like doing my leg workout. Normally I'd just say "suck it UP!" and do it anyway. But today, I decided to go with it. I still needed to give my legs a workout, but what would I do instead....?

Then I spied my Spinervals DVDs on the shelf and, hidden up the back, the one I love to hate: Bending Crank Arms. I tried to pretend I didn't see it. That's one tough workout. I looked the other way, stared out the window for a bit, checked my email.... But once my inner athlete gets hold of an idea, there's no going back. So I worked through an hour of torture at the hands of Coach Troy.

That's an hour of high resistance intervals coupled with sets of squats and iso-squats. Not a huge amount of rest in there either. I'd say my legs got the strength workout they needed and I got a decent cardio session too. Got a huge endorphin rush as well - that lasted quite a while afterwards. As an added bonus, I didn't puke - that's always a good thing. I suspect my quads, glutes and hip flexors are going to be paying out on me tomorrow though.

The moral of this story If you change your mind, you might be sorry later? Stick to the plan or Coach Troy will get you? I have no idea really, I just know that sometimes it's a good thing to toss the plan away and do something else altogether.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Getting a little carb love

This week has been interesting so far in terms of nutrition. Monday I just did my normal thing, sticking to 1500 calories, and aiming for around 40% carbs, 35% protein and 25% fat. It actually came out to 48/42/20, but close enough....

Tuesday I went PN, still 1500 Cals, but switching most of my starches for other carbs: fruit, extra veggies, some dairy, keeping in my post-training breakfast oats. I felt the need for some sweet potato with dinner, so threw that in as well and ended up with 36% carbs at the end of the day. Hmm. It's quite hard to get enough carbs in when you drop starch back. Wednesday was similar - I upped my oats from 40g to 50g, ate masses of veggies and plenty of fruit, and ended up at 36% again.

Wednesday night I knew I was already carb-depleted. I was cold and snappy and my dinner of marinated lamb with salad and a yoghurt dressing, while delicious, barely touched the sides. But I hung out, knowing I had a high-starch day on Thursday.

So yesterday I got through this lot:

1. 40g oats, whey, skim milk, walnuts
2. Rice thins with cottage cheese and tomato (too lazy to be creative with this one)
3. Leftover chicken mini-roast ...mmm, stuffed with sundried tomatoes and pistachios... 150g sweet potato, plus most of a large bunch of asparagus
4. A sachet of quick oats, a small banana, whey, skim milk - that raised some eyebrows at the office. Breakfast? At 3:15pm? Ha! They should be used to my "weirdness" by now...

I got home just before 6:00 and knew that I was still depleted. What IS going on? My body seems to be burning through carbohydrate like nobody's business. Dinner was only about 45 minutes away, but I needed something NOW. So, the rest of my meals turned out like this:

5. 4 rice thins with honey
6. Raspberry-balsamic chicken with baked potato (cut down the potato portion just a little to compensate for the pre-dinner extra snack), broccoli and carrot
7. My much-anticipated Chocolate Dream.

2000+ Calories, 240g of carbs - almost 50% all up. I know I got it just right, because after all that food, I just felt pleasantly satisfied, not stuffed. Weight's up only 200g today too; I expected more. And my workout really rocked this morning.

The scales have been tracking downward, with a 600g drop recorded to Wednesday - reduced to 400g now, which is all good. So I'm back to PN for a couple of days, then Sunday I'll up the carbs again. That fits perfectly with Mothers' Day, since I'll be out for lunch.

Let's see what the next few days bring. This experimenting thing is fun.


By the way, those Chocolate Dream thingies? I don't know the exact nutritional stats, but mine weighed 64g and I estimated it contained about 240 Cals. Maybe I'm being conservative, it could be more like 300. Anyway, compare that to some of the muffins you can get that weigh in at around 170-180g, and contain 600-800 Calories.

That's a completely ridiculous amount of food for one person, especially for a snack. And probably more than a third of the calories an average woman would require for an entire day.

Just something to think about....

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Kek: 1, Gargoyle: Nil

My nosebleeds have once again become a BIG problem, and this week I got fed up and decided that I needed to get an emergency appointment with my ENT specialist.

This is no easy feat; his receptionist is an old battle-axe who guards the "Mister's" appointment book like some kind of evil gargoyle, whose sole job it is to keep patients at bay. I'm sorry, he has no appointment times available for three months is the usual line.

Never one to admit defeat, I laid it on nice and thick when I rang on Monday, got through her defences, and she booked me in for today. Score!

Now, thanks to the magic of silver nitrate, there's no sign of a bleed on the immediate horizon. I have a slightly sore and drippy nose (but at least my front teeth are no longer numb) and I'm booked in for a surgical solution on the 22nd.

It's a small bump in the road, but at least I'm getting it out of the way before comp prep begins. AND I don't have to report to the hospital till 12:30, so I get to have breakfast, and I can still train.


Time to get tough

The past few weeks I've been cruising with food and training. I've been doing a pretty good job of maintenance overall, but now it's time to shift gears and really gun that engine.

Gotta position myself ideally for the start of competition prep. In less than five weeks' time. Yikes!

This week has been a ripper so far. Cardio Monday, upper body and a good long walk yesterday, legs today. Legs - ugh. That was one tough workout. I earned every mouthful of my 50g of oats....

Food is good - no serious restrictions, just good choices and watching the portions. I'm doing 2 days of straight-up Precision Nutrition, followed by a higher starch day. Going low-starch for more than a few days sends my blood sugar crashing through the floor, and a carb-depleted Kek is no fun at all. So I'm doing my own thing ....kind of PN for wusses. :o)

Today's lot:

Breakfast: 50g oats, whey, skim milk and two lovely tablespoons of chopped walnuts
Snack: Fruity pancakes
Lunch: Salad of grilled chicken breast, baby spinach, Woolworths rainbow salad, orange segments and a dressing of EVOO and balsamic
Snack: Creamed cottage cheese with chocolate whey and sliced banana
Dinner: Marinated lamb loin with baby spinach, cucumber, red capsicum, onion and a dressing of yoghurt and garlic (Bike Boy will have his stuffed into pita bread)
Snack: Blueberries, yoghurt and more chopped walnuts

Tomorrow I'll do something similar, but with extra oats-and-whey for my afternoon snack, maybe some rice or sweet potato with lunch, and probably a potato with dinner. There could be a treat involved too - I have a hankering for one of those chocolate dream cakes from Brown's.

I'm feeling GREAT. :o)

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Try this at home

Care to join me for a crazy-ass cardio session you can do just about anywhere?

You'll need a spin bike or any other cardio machine*, a resistance band, a stability ball and a lightish pair of dumbbells.

Warm up on the bike for 5 mins
Increase resistance till you have to stand up - make it fairly tough - and go hard for 30 seconds. Recover for 30 seconds. Repeat 30/30 intervals x 3.

Jump off and do 20 fast bodyweight squats. Without resting, grab your dumbbells and do 20 alternating overhead presses, keeping the pace nice and quick.

Back on the bike for another 3 x 30/30.

Get on the floor and do 10 T-pushups, followed by 20 walking lunges.

3 x 30/30 on the bike again

Grab your band and do X-band walks. 10 one way, 10 the other, twice through (40 in total). Get into a pushup position with feet on the ball and do one pushup, then one prone roll-in (pulling knees towards chest and rolling the ball in with your feet). Repeat x 10.

3 x 30/30 on the bike

If there's a bar handy, do 10 inverted rows. If not, hook the band under your feet, grab it in each hand and do bent-over rows. Keep moving, no resting! Now do 10 slow squats: 10 seconds down, hold at the bottom for 10 seconds, 10 seconds up.

Back on the bike for a final set of intervals.

You can finish with 50 mountain climbers if you're game ....or not. Cool down on the bike for 5 minutes. Curse me loudly. Stretch.

*If you have no cardio machine, you can always use a skipping rope, or just jog up and down the street. So what if the neighbours think you're nuts?

This could be adapted for travelling too - use the band instead of dumbbells for the overhead presses and substitute something like front-to-side planks for the ball roll-ins/pushups.

Ah, that was fun, wasn't it? :o)

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Weekend roundup

The Calorie King thing? I'm seriously annoyed. They've clearly been mucking around with the food database - last time they did that they deleted a good number of the ingredients I use regularly. I had to go add them all in as custom foods, and do you think THAT wasn't tedious?

This time, I have no idea what's been updated or changed (if anything) but all my favourites have been deleted. I have no favourites, apparently.

So it's back to searching for every individual item and re-marking them as favourites. Grrr.


You know there's a problem when you find yourself holding your book at arms length to focus on the print. And you're wearing your glasses.

Yes, I got new ones on Friday.


I've spent a fair bit of time this weekend on the couch, watching DVDs with The Baby. Liz inspired me to work my way through the entire Alien series - that third one is a shocker! We also saw The Long Kiss Goodnight - an old favourite, and good for plenty of shoot-outs, explosions and all the stuff boys like.

I enjoyed it so much, I think I'll make it a regular weekend thing. I figure I might as well make the most of it, before he gets to the age where spending time with your Mum is totally uncool. I suspect that's just around the corner. Boohoo.


Busy week coming up, so blogging may be on the back burner (again). I'll see how my Tuesday pans out...