Saturday, May 09, 2009

All change!

Today I was scheduled to do a leg workout. I got up, decided to have breakfast first, faffed around a bit and realised that time was marching on. Better get this thing happening!

But, the thing was....I didn't feel like doing my leg workout. Normally I'd just say "suck it UP!" and do it anyway. But today, I decided to go with it. I still needed to give my legs a workout, but what would I do instead....?

Then I spied my Spinervals DVDs on the shelf and, hidden up the back, the one I love to hate: Bending Crank Arms. I tried to pretend I didn't see it. That's one tough workout. I looked the other way, stared out the window for a bit, checked my email.... But once my inner athlete gets hold of an idea, there's no going back. So I worked through an hour of torture at the hands of Coach Troy.

That's an hour of high resistance intervals coupled with sets of squats and iso-squats. Not a huge amount of rest in there either. I'd say my legs got the strength workout they needed and I got a decent cardio session too. Got a huge endorphin rush as well - that lasted quite a while afterwards. As an added bonus, I didn't puke - that's always a good thing. I suspect my quads, glutes and hip flexors are going to be paying out on me tomorrow though.

The moral of this story If you change your mind, you might be sorry later? Stick to the plan or Coach Troy will get you? I have no idea really, I just know that sometimes it's a good thing to toss the plan away and do something else altogether.


Valley Girl said...

Kek~ that looks like a scarey workout. I hate legs & the bike, but would rather that than lunges- not a leg girl at all...

so 'you sucked it up' after all!

great stuff...

Ronnie said...

Kerryn, the first time I did Bending Crank Arms, I walked like a crab for 3 days. It was funny. I used muscles I didn't know I possessed.

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