Wednesday, May 27, 2009

And.....she's back!

FINALLY, last night I began to feel vaguely human again. I'm fed up with sitting around feeling miserable, so thank goodness that's over!

5 days on, and not a nosebleed on the horizon, so looks like this little op was spectacularly successful. :o) Let's hope I get as good a run as last time: 21 months between procedures is the best I've managed so far. This doc is good.

Yesterday afternoon, I dragged myself out of the house for a walk. Half an hour at a fairly slow pace and I was wiped out. *sigh* But this morning, I was up just after 5:30 to hit the weights, and I felt really strong and reasonably energetic. I think I actually slept all night, or close to it - first time since last Thursday.

I'll take myself out for a short walk at lunchtime and should manage a quick cardio workout tonight, assuming I don't fall in a heap after my first day back at work. That's the plan, Stan!

Feeling good, looking a bit puffy and squidgy, but that's nothing some focus and effort can't fix.


No sign of swine flu so far - the kids are home for the rest of the week, thanks to the school shutting down; hopefully it'll re-open on Monday. They'll be a bit stir-crazy by then, no doubt. The teachers are helpfully emailing homework to The Middle Child, since mid-year exams are looming for Year 11. He's really happy about that. LOL.

The Baby wasn't impressed that I put a ban on a movie trip, or any other excursion at the moment. If one of them does happen to have picked up the virus (unlikely), I don't think anyone will thank us for letting them loose at the shops and cinema to spread it around....


Valley Girl said...

So true kek, it surprises me how many people get out into the supermarkets & daycares spraying their germs all over people, this infuriates me, as I always keep my 4yo home at the first sign of anything & then when he returns other kids are coughing up all over the place & in teachers faces & they dont even bat an eyelid...
Im so close to complaining, but it was the head boss herself that it happened in front of, I just grunted & snorted and left in a fowl mood, days off cost me money & CHILDCARE grrrr!
Glad you got your workout in & feeling better.

Cherub said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better.

If everyone was as thoughtful as you re trips out, it might not spread to so easily.

LizN said...

glad you're back in the saddle :) You've certainly had a bad trot (hopefully not trotters lol )


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