Monday, May 25, 2009


I'm still tidying and organising things here - and I came across a box of equipment I'd almost forgotten about. I have two surplus pairs of these fantastic Punch coach mitts. They're ideal for partner work, because they're a glove and focus pad in one. No need to stop and wrestle with gloves and pads to swap over when you want to change from hitting to holding.

I bought extras of these a couple of years back, when I thought I might train small groups - but it turned out that group training just isn't my thing, I much prefer training one-on-one or couples at most. So I have two pairs of these, unused, still in their plastic bags, complete with tissue paper.

They retail for around $90 a pair, but I'm practically giving them away at $100 for both pairs. If you're interested, just email me.

I still have the DVDs and a couple of books available too, so don't be shy...

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