Friday, May 22, 2009

Day off

I don't have to be anywhere today, I have no clients booked and Bike Boy is taking the boys to school. But I was still up before seven. Why? Well, I only have a small window of opportunity for eating today, and I'm not wasting it. LOL.

This afternoon I'm booked in for my nasal cautery, which my specialist does under general anaesthetic, so that means the dreaded F-word: FASTING.

Luckily, his Friday surgical list starts in the afternoon and the private hospital where I'm having it done doesn't require me to be there till 12:30pm. So I get to have breakfast, and second breakfast, as long as I'm all done by 10:00am.

Yes, everything really IS all about the food in my world...

The procedure is no big deal and hospital stuff doesn't bother me at all - when you get to your fourteenth surgery, you get kind of blase about it. The recovery though? That, I'll be moaning about for several days. Bike Boy is really looking forward to a week or two of me whinging and complaining.

So, I'm looking forward to a nice deep sleep this arvo, and a *crosses fingers* respite from the horrendous nosebleeds for at least a few months.

And I'm pretty sure there are no mice in the hospital.


Cheryl said...

Good Luck for this arvo! I will be thinking of you. xx

SeLiNa said...

I hope surgery went OK! Thinking of you!

SeLiNa said...

OMG!!! I FEEL SOOOO STUPID!! Sending you silly text messages when I TOTALLY forgot and bour surgery and what you would have been going through.
My questions are the last thing you would have wanted to deal with upon returning to the land of the living!
SO SORRY!!!!!!!

Kek said...

Goose! I'm fine...did you get my reply?

Anyway, that stuff's important. LOL.

Unknown said...

Hope it went well kerryn- rest easy

SeLiNa said...

Yes I did get your reply, thank you :) To on-line shopping I go!!

And I'm such a copy-cat - I ordered "The Paleo Diet for Athletes" at Bookworld today :) Can't wait - 6 weeks they said as it has to come from overseas. MAN! Woulda been easier to get it in Melbourne when I'm there!!

Toni said...

oh, surgery! Hope it went okay Kek. Hope all the boys have been doting on you too ;-)

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